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BrainBox AI Launches Autonomous Decarbonisation Suite for Commercial and Retail Real Estate Markets

BrainBox AI Launches Autonomous Decarbonisation Suite for Commercial and Retail Real Estate Markets
06 June 2023

Building automation firm BrainBox AI has unveiled its autonomous decarbonisation solution to address the 38 per cent of global greenhouse gases emitted annually by commercial buildings.

The solution is an AI-powered measurement and decarbonisation system which generates a full scope 1 & 2, audit grade GHG assessment powered by A building’s data and trusted emissions factors. It also compares a building’s energy usage intensity (EUI) to other comparable buildings and demonstrates reduction potential.

The system also communicates with existing HVAC to learn, modulate, and optimise performance, resulting in a reduction of operational carbon emissions by up to 40 per cent and a decrease in energy costs by up to 25 per cent

BrainBox AI’s flagship product, which autonomously optimises a building's HVAC systems, is currently installed in over 100,000,000 sq. ft. of real estate across 17 countries, including Landsec’s development at Cardinal Place on London’s Victoria Street.


Carbon Offsetting


BrainBox AI’s new product also gives users the opportunity to access carbon credits through a voluntary market. The virtual marketplace supports multiple types of options like carbon-capture technology, nature-based solutions, and renewable energy projects.

“Your building is currently emitting 30 per cent more GHG emissions than it should. That stat is scary but solvable” said Sam Ramadori, Chief Executive Officer at BrainBox AI. 

“Our new solution suite not only grants commercial and retail real estate owners the capability to measure their emissions, but autonomously implements optimisation strategies that can reduce emissions by up to 40 per cent. Our award-winning AI technology pinpoints and addresses both operational and environmental inefficiencies in buildings in real time. We are excited to offer this turnkey solution that generates continuous positive impacts on carbon emissions for the industry at large.”

“What we are hearing from our customers and the market is that measurement without action is not nearly enough to get us where we need to be” added Omar Tabba, Chief Product Officer at BrainBox AI. 

“With this new product category, not only can we autonomously reduce carbon emissions using our AI technology, but we can also offer the tools to accurately and precisely measure where operational optimisation can take place and offer clients a solution to explore and take part in the voluntary carbon markets – all in one platform.”

Picture: a photograph of Sam Ramadori, Chief Executive Officer at BrainBox AI. Image Credit: BrainBox AI

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 06 June 2023


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