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COVID-Safe Desks – ACCO UK Presents Desktop Sanitation Solution

COVID-Safe Desks – ACCO UK Presents Desktop Sanitation Solution
28 May 2021

A desktop monitor stand with a built-in sanitation compartment complete with fully contained UV LEDs is to launch at this year's Facilities Show Connect 2021.

The stand safely sanitises keyboards, mice, trackballs and mobile phones.

When in use, the UVC technology is able to eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses within just ten minutes and without the use of chemicals, liquids or wipes.  This makes it quick and easy for organisations to maintain cleanliness in the office environment. This product complements some of the brand’s other sanitation-focused products born from the pandemic, including their range of washable keyboards and computer mice.




Facilities Show 2021


ACCO UK, parent company of popular office products brands Rexel, Leitz, GBC, and Kensington, will deliver a Tech Talk and demonstrate a range of useful products for facilities management at the Facilities Show Connect 2021 in June.

As organisations in every sector eye a return to normality after a year of pandemic restrictions, it is clear that safety is the issue on every facilities manager’s mind for the next few months. How can you encourage staff to return to the office, and help them to feel secure and comfortable enough to do so? What solutions can be introduced in order to enhance health and safety while supporting productivity?

The UVStand™ debuted at CES and was even named as a CES® 2021 Innovations Awards Honoree. It has only just become available for purchase here in the UK, and will officially launch into the UK market at ACCO’s Facilities Show Connect Tech Talk featuring a live Q&A with the ACCO/Kensington team.

Nick Revell, Product Manager for Kensington Europe, Middle East and Africa, will deliver ACCO’s Tech Talk at the event. He comments: “Health and safety need to be a top priority for this next phase of business, but for any new initiatives to be successful, there needs to be active participation throughout the organisation. The great thing about this product is that it makes it really simple to effectively sanitise high-touch items with minimal effort.”

Lee King, Director EHS & Facilities for ACCO EMEA, has over two decades’ worth of experience helping to create safe and efficient work environments. Recently, he was tasked with creating the plans for the safe return to work at all of ACCO’s European sites during the pandemic. For Lee, this year’s show will be of critical importance for organisational decision-makers.

He explains: “Facilities managers and health & safety managers have a challenging few months ahead of them. Preparing premises for the safe return of staff and customers is a massive undertaking, but getting it right is critically important. Having the right tools in place can really help ease the process and provide some much-needed peace of mind."

ACCO’s Facilities Show Connect 2021 presentation will take place at 10:00 GMT on Tuesday, 8 June.

To secure your free ticket to the event, register here.

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 28 May 2021


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