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Tuesday, 14 July

Don’t Waste It Roundtable Series – Applying A Different Measure

Reconomy – Don't Waste It – Session 3
19th February 2020

Welcome to the third part of our Don’t Waste It Roundtable, sponsored by Reconomy. In the penultimate video of our four-part series, the theme this week is “applying a different measure”. 

Previously, in the first and second sessions of this breakfast roundtable, the panel spoke about changing customer demands and expectations for managing waste and wastage. Improving waste efficiency and “managing beyond the bin” was also debated by the panel of nine peers from the Facilities Management sector. Led by Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First, sustainability consultancy and creator and custodian of The Planet Mark, the delegates included a mixture of FM service providers and end-users.    


“Normalising data” in waste management


This session focussed on evaluating current metrics and how to use technology to improve efficiency. Nathan Gray, Head of Sustainability at Reconomy, kicked off by explaining how better quality metrics must be a priority and that “normalising data” is the absolute key in making things consistent across the board. He also highlighted how those in charge of procurement can help achieve this parity. 

“It’s about having some clear guidelines and a clear matrix for the supply chains to be able to complete, so everyone’s reporting in the same way. Otherwise, you’re always going to get a myriad of information and you’ll never be able to get the right data set” added Martyn Freeman, CEO of Q3 services.


“It’s about having some clear guidelines and a clear matrix for the supply chains to be able to complete, so everyone’s reporting in the same way.” 

–Martyn Freeman

CEO, Q3 services

The discord between procurement and facilities management


Maria Centracchio, Development Director at Ecoprod Technique, highlighted that there can sometimes be discord between procurement and facilities management and that the quality of end result should take precedence over cost. The fact that procurement departments aren’t specialised in FM can be an issue, with further education possibly necessary here. 

In terms of where to start with gathering this better quality data, Chris Cox, Head of Business Development at Reconomy, advised that FM professionals should demand more from their waste management providers. Figures such as tonnes of waste collected, landfill diversion rates and recycling rates should be provided via an online portal. Waste contractors must have the means to provide this detailed and meaningful data. Cox agreed that whilst the data is not always 100% perfect, it’s a “quantum leap on having no data at all”.


Watch the full session


To view the session in full, please watch the video below:




We hope that this session increased your understanding of where to start when it comes to measurement and data in waste management. If you missed the other videos of our roundtable coverage, you can catch up on our first and second sessions.

To conclude this series, our final session is entitled “adding value to the triple bottom line”. This will focus on organic supply chain management and how to build a robust portfolio that demonstrates financial, environmental and social success. 



Article written by Ella Tansley – published 19th February 2020


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