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Heat & Buildings Strategy – Preparing for a National Shift in Heating

Heat and Buildings Strategy – Preparing for a National Shift in Heating
19 October 2021 | Updated 20 October 2021

By 2035, natural gas boilers will be replaced with heat pumps and hydrogen-fuelled boilers.

In order to lower the UK’s dependency on fossil fuels, low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps will be no more expensive to buy and run than gas boilers, under new government plans.

Grants of up to £5,000 are to be offered to those interested in purchasing a heat pump at this time.

Water heater manufacturer Rinnai welcomes the strategy and has been preparing for the national shift in domestic and commercial heating:

Rinnai Operations Director Chris Goggin comments: ‘Rinnai welcomes the UK Heat and Buildings Strategy, as it outlines a route to a green industrial revolution that enables the delivery of a lower carbon future and achievement of net-zero targets."



Picture: a photograph of Chris Goggin


In preparation for the energy transition, Rinnai has updated specific models to accept multiple sources of fuel. Rinnai products can currently accept LPG, BioLPG and 30 per cent hydrogen gas blends. On top of this, the company will, from 2022, offer a complete solution to include heat pumps, hybrid systems and hydrogen ready products.

Rinnai is continuing to closely monitor the energy sector and inform all customers – end-users, contractors, installers, heating engineers, consultants, designers, central and local authorities - of any developments that may affect choice and cost.


Hydrogen Strategy in the UK


Introducing hydrogen into the national gas grid is underway but requires a field of strenuous testing before any regional influence will be denoted, says Rinnai.

Hydrogen, though, does appeal to the UK government for its practicality and growing international reputation as a major tool in decarbonisation. An ambitious proposal to produce five gigawatts of hydrogen by 2030 has been outlined, alongside the plan to heat an entire town with low-carbon hydrogen fuel around the same time.

Picture: a photograph of a gas ring

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 19 October 2021


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