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How Can Customer Feedback Analytics Help Facilities Managers? Spotlight Video Interview | Jessica Bethune | HappyOrNot

Jessica Bethune | VP of Sales, EMEA | HappyOrNot
21 May 2020 | Updated 16 June 2020

The award-winning HappyOrNot Smiley terminals help businesses all over the world to improve their facilities. As people begin to return to buildings, collecting feedback data will become crucial in learning how to ensure both regular users and visitors feel safe. 

In this Spotlight Interview, customer experience expert Jessica Bethune helps companies to understand how real-time customer feedback analytics can support business goals and the return to buildings. 


“With continuous use of the data, facilities mangers can actually build a learning organisation.”

– Jessica Bethune

VP of Sales, EMEA, HappyOrNot


Intuitive Smileys


You may well have spotted HappyOrNot's eye-catching smiley terminals at airports, retail chains and even NHS hospitals – the award-winning service allows businesses to collect anonymous feedback from visitors to support improvement in their service and facilities. The intuitive design enables visitors to provide feedback within seconds:

 “The simplicity of the HappyOrNot solutions help maximise feedback rates. Every second a consumer has to think about how to engage the level of insights drop… So it has to be as simple as possible.”, Jessica asserts.


Supporting a Safe Return to Buildings


Providing a channel for visitors and staff to provide feedback anonymously will support a smooth return to buildings – removing the guesswork and enabling facilities teams to learn what measures will ensure building users feel safe. Analysing feedback data in real-time makes all the difference – it will enable managers respond to user needs quickly and deploy frontline staff accordingly.


Adapting to the New Normal – and Acknowledging the Work of FM Teams


The Smiley Terminals can now be enabled with QR codes – a feature added to adapt to the ‘new normal’. In instances that users feel hesitant to touch a button, they now have an alternative touch-free option. And it’s still just as simple – users can scan the QR code with their phone camera and will be directed to give feedback instantly, with the same user-friendly smileys. Once something people took for granted, safe facilities are now at the forefront of everyone’s minds – in the spirit of supporting each other during the challenge of adaptation, it’s believed people will be keen to give feedback as a form of praise and acknowledgement of the hard work facilities teams are putting in place to keep building users safe. 


Supporting Facilities Managers to Meet KPIs


Collecting consistent data for site audits and regulatory requirements will become all the more crucial for facilities teams. Daily analysis of real-time data will enable FMs, not just to meet KPIs but improve their results to exceed their goals. 

“Facilities Managers are able to compare buildings and locations, and build out operational strategies and priorities. They empower their frontline staff, working for the facilities management team, to fix problems at the time or even before they occur.”, states Jessica.


Watch the Spotlight Interview to Learn More




Find out more about HappyOrNot here.


Image: Jessica Bethune, Vice President of Sales, EMEA, HappyOrNot

Article written by Daisy Miceli | Published 21 May 2020


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