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How Can Instant Feedback Data Improve Employee Satisfaction? Spotlight Video Interview | Sami Hero | HappyOrNot

Sami Hero, Chief Operating Officer, HappyOrNot
06 May 2020 | Updated 16 June 2020

With rapid changes to work environments causing numerous challenges for teams, it is more important than ever for workplace managers to prioritise employee experience and provide a space for their employees to express their emotions. 

HappyOrNot helps organisations improve facilities services and employee satisfaction, with simple yet effective feedback smileys. Honest feedback from staff is set to form a crucial part of business planning, supporting companies to navigate their way through the continued home working and social distancing protocols that the safe return to buildings will rely upon. 

In this Spotlight Interview, Chief Operating Officer, Sami Hero explains how Facilities and Workplace Managers can utilise instant, anonymous feedback data to drive productivity and improve employee experience for both onsite and remote workers.


User-Friendly Smileys


You may well have spotted HappyOrNot's eye-catching smiley terminals at airports and hospitality venues – the award-winning service allows businesses to collect anonymous feedback from visitors to support improvement in their service and facilities. But the concept works effectively for measuring employee satisfaction too – based on a simple question such as, "How was your day today?", the intuitive four-smiley design allows employees to rate their day on a four-point scale – and it only takes seconds to respond. 


Effective Satisfaction Measurements 


“Simply put, engaged employees deliver better results.”

– Sami Hero

Chief Operating Officer, HappyOrNot

“Simply put, engaged employees deliver better results”, asserts Sami. But how do you know if your employees are happy? Particularly if they've recently been thrown into the unfamiliar territory of remote working. Many companies conduct annual surveys in a bid to improve employee satisfaction. Whilst these have their place and are a step in the right direction for any employee engagement strategy, they are time-consuming to implement. It can take weeks or even months to create, distribute, gather feedback and analyse the data. In times like these, when businesses need to react quickly to changing demands, there are measures which can be implemented far more quickly to gather meaningful data that can be acted on promptly. 


Anonymous Daily Feedback


"What we need is continuous polls and knowing what happens day-to-day", continues Sami – that's where the HappyOrNot feedback smileys come in. "We enable organisations to solicit anonymous feedback – and typically it’s done on a daily basis." The smileys can be implemented digitally – via email, intranet or app. Taking experience data anonymously via this simple method encourages employees to provide honest feedback about what they are experiencing in real-time. This provides an instant picture of how employees are coping, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement and act swiftly. 


Watch the Spotlight Interview to Learn More



Find out more about HappyOrNot here.

Watch the on-demand webinar: Rethinking HR: Engage your employees in the age of remote working

Image: Sami Hero, Chief Operating Officer, HappyOrNot

Article written by Daisy Miceli | Published 06 May 2020


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