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Solar Solution to Ease Pressure of Climate Change

967 solar panels are now on the roof of Kärcher's Banbury headquarters.
20 February 2020

A company best known for its pressure washers in the UK has taken a huge step in increasing environmental performance by deploying 967 solar panels on its HQ – for free!

The firm in question, Kärcher, expects to generate 44% of their annual electricity consumption through the solar array. Over the next 25 years, the solar PV system will contribute significant energy bill and carbon reductions and reduce the company's dependence on the National Grid.


Financing model


Renewable energy asset manager, Zestec and their financing partner, NextEnergy Capital, were able to deploy a Power Purchase Agreement. Using this funding model, so-called 'host' properties benefit from immediate reductions in electricity bills and reductions in carbon emissions, with no capital outlay, in return for use of the airspace above the roof over a defined period. The system has been designed for Kärcher to maximise the consumption of the locally generated green solar electricity before needing to draw from the National Grid.


“Using our fully funded solar PPA model to help a global brand such as Kärcher enhance business resilience, whilst reducing energy bills and carbon emissions illustrates the important role that roof-mounted solar photovoltaic technology provides to UK business.”

 – Simon Booth

Co-founder, Zestec


Big electricity users


Every year, what is already a cutting-edge facility in Banbury distributes 1 million cleaning machines, ranging from its iconic yellow pressure washers and window vacs to municipal street sweepers. But the facility requires 1,240kWh to be consumed every day.


Climate change


Mark Venner, CEO for Kärcher UK said: “We know that our climate is changing and we are determined to do everything we can to ensure our products have a responsible impact upon our environment. We have made the commitment to help preserve the world’s natural resources – across every element of our business operations from R&D concept to our entire supply chain.

"This project forms the cornerstone of this ambition at our headquarters and has enabled us to understand our energy demands more fully to manage the energy we generate and use.”


Always the plan


Venner continued: "We always had solar in mind for our new headquarters in Banbury and the PPA model ticked two important boxes for us. Firstly, it puts responsibility for the installation and long-term maintenance in the hands of the experts, so we do not need to become experts in solar PV technology ourselves. Secondly, our capital is better deployed in additional warehouse stock than in a solar PV system; this funded model allows us to do both.” 


Picture: 967 solar panels are now on the roof of Kärcher's Banbury headquarters.


Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 20 February 2020


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