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Katie King – AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing

Katie King – AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing
12 January 2022

Despite artificial intelligence having a firm place on the business agenda, many struggle with how to scale and strategise its opportunities. In her new book, Katie King explores the reasons why.

In the same way that innovation has always flourished during times of turmoil, AI’s impact on business and society is only set to accelerate, breaking cultural and technological barriers and forcing leadership teams to plan for disruption.


"If you're thinking about the future, read this book.”

–Francis Ingham

Director General, PRCA and Chief Executive of ICCO 


Marketing and sales teams are prioritising learning about AI more than any other department, and in “AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing – Connecting Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience”,  AI expert Kate King breaks down how the wider business world can take advantage of AI’s benefits without feeling threatened by it.

“In 2021, we witnessed and wondered at the dramatic role played by AI in accelerating life-saving COVID-19 vaccine development and spawning widespread business improvements. Societal advancements, borne out of pandemic adversity, are clear indicators that the golden age of AI is finally beginning to surface,” said Katie.

Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA and Chief Executive of ICCO added: “AI poses the most fundamental structural challenges of our era. This book by the world's leading sales and marketing AI thinker Katie King sets out the opportunities and the pitfalls in the most comprehensive analysis I have ever seen. If you're thinking about the future, read this book.”


A Digestible Guide to AI and Machine Learning


Katie King is well-placed to guide business leaders on the opportunities within AI – she has advised many of the world's leading brands and business leaders, including Richard Branson/Virgin, O2, Orange and Accenture.

Katie is also a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI.

Offering examples, analysis and practical takeaways, “AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing” provides expert guidance on the most important aspects of AI, explaining how to:


  • Boost customer-centricity by creating a connected strategy
  • Drive customer experience across different industries
  • Explore new ways to connect with consumers
  • Utilise AI ethically and responsibly to build consumer trust


“AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing – Connecting Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience” is Katie King’s second book, and published by Kogan Page as a Professional Paperback priced at £29.99.

Picture: a photograph of three of Katie King's books arranged in a pile on a dining table. Two chairs can be seen in the background

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 12 January 2022


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