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Planet Mark Shares Sustainability Insights for the Cleaning Industry

Planet Mark Shares Sustainability Insights for the Cleaning Industry
28 September 2023

TWinFM partner Planet Mark hosted a roundtable with members from the cleaning sector to uncover how to navigate the key challenges in promoting sustainable practices.

As with many other sectors, the cleaning industry is at a crossroads when it comes to sustainability. As we return to physical offices, cleaning companies have continually evolved to ensure we have healthy and safe spaces to work and collaborate. This sector is also experiencing increasing customer expectations that cleaning services are delivered with progressively more sustainable products and services that help achieve greater environmental and social benefits, often for the same or more competitive prices. 

These customer challenges can seem daunting, but solving them will provide authentic opportunities for change, growth and revitalisation within the industry. 

Planet Mark organised a roundtable with a number of cleaning companies and suppliers to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future as the industry strides for both sustainability and profitability.

During the roundtable, several key themes surfaced regarding the cleaning industry’s sustainability drive: 


  • Environmentally conscious cleaning products, composed of biodegradable ingredients, emerged as a promising avenue, aligning customer expectations with long-term business growth. 
  • Energy Efficiency – automation and collaborative robotic cleaning emerged as potential game-changers, as they optimise efficiency while maintaining human involvement.  
  • Waste Management – discussions addressed the urgent need to reduce plastic waste, exploring alternatives like compostable gloves and reusable options.  
  • Water usage – recognised as a looming challenge, this spurred solutions such as communicating water-saving practices and integrating technologies for monitoring and minimising consumption.
  • Stakeholder engagement –   a recurring theme, emphasising transparent communication with clients about the value of more sustainable choices. 


Download the paper in full here.

Picture: a photograph of the floor of a hospital. Beds can be seen, as well as a person using a mop to clean the floor. Image Credit: Big Stock

Article written by Planet Mark | Published 28 September 2023


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