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Social Distancing Signage - Workplaces Get Creative 

15 May 2020 | Updated 26 May 2020

In the preparations to reopen certain workplaces, we have noticed a few impressive examples of social distancing signage. 

The World Health Organisation currently recommends that people maintain at least one metre (three feet) distance between yourself and others. Public Health England advises trying to keep two metres (six feet) away from people as a precaution. 

Here are some of our favourites creative ways to enforce social distancing measures in the workplace:

PPSPower – "Two metre you"



We are big fans of PPSPower's inventive use of the stars of classic children's television series ChuckleVision. For our non-British readers, ChuckleVision was a slapstick-style comedy for children, popular in the 1990s. The main characters, Barry and Paul's catchphrase was: "to me, to you".


Pand Aid – "Let's stay one beatle apart"

The Beatles Poster

On 8 August 1969, The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover photo was taken, resulting in one of the most famous photographs in history. The album cover shows the four members of the band on a zebra crossing outside the recording studio. 

Pand Aid, the not-for-profit Coronavirus information initiative, decided to use this famous example as a way to demonstrate social distancing. The poster was created by Japanese designer Eisuke Tachikawa.


GallifordTry – "Nice two metre, two metre nice" 


GallifordTry Poster

It's back to puns involving British television stars with GallifordTry. The late Sir Bruce Forsyth, the veteran entertainer and presenter of many successful TV shows, was famous for his "nice to see you, to see you nice" catchphrase. 


Magenta Associates – "Let's stay one bicycle apart"


Magenta Coronavirus Poster

Finally, a set of creative and very eye-catching social distancing posters were designed by B2B communications, public relations and content agency Magenta Associates. Our favourite was this one featuring a bicycle.


Picture: A photograph of a wooden table with lettered tiles spelling "social distancing"

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 15 May 2020


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