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Spotlight Interview – Paul Bullard | SFG20

Spotlight Interview – Paul Bullard | SFG20
08 January 2024

ThisWeekinFM’s first Spotlight Interview for 2024 is with Paul Bullard, SFG20’s Product and Professional Services Director.

A subject matter expert on facilities management and Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), Paul brings 25 years of experience working within the CAFM industry where he has been personally responsible for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious software implementations. 

Paul has held various technical, operational and strategic positions and has for the past nine years been in a product leadership role, bringing market-leading software to the facilities management industry. He achieved the Certificate of Facilities Management with the FMA, holds an Associate Qualification with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has a long-standing membership with the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)

We met up with Paul to learn more about how SFG20 is bringing new technology to the market to help FMs deal with today's industry challenges.


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SFG20 is well-known in the building maintenance industry for standardising compliance practices, with a product used by facilities managers, property managers, FM contractors and consultants in 18 countries around the world. 

The standard was created in 1990, initially as a paper-based system, to tackle inconsistencies in how buildings and facilities were managed. SFG20 was essentially born out of the need for the building services industry to access guidance that would ensure their maintenance adhered to relevant legislation.

Along with a changing regulatory environment, SFG20 evolved into a software solution that also became the benchmark for building maintenance.


Maintaining The “Golden Thread” With Ease


As Paul Bullard explains in the Spotlight Interview, the SFG20 team noticed that in light of the Building Safety Act and the required “Golden Thread” of vital information about a building to be gathered over its lifetime, a culture change in building maintenance was happening. Businesses were suddenly very aware of new competence frameworks and compliance criteria to meet this new legislation, but with no real sense of where to start in meeting these requirements.

SFG20’s latest piece of software, Facilities-iQ, aims to address this, making fostering a consistent approach to compliance easier. It allows building management teams to evidence their hard work, providing a simple, data-focussed way to show clients that they are providing value for them, as well as meeting legislative guidelines.


Evidencing Industry Best Practice


Accessibility of data is a core part of Facilities-iQ. It creates a standard flow of information which is accessible to everyone, from the team preparing tenders, right through to engineers on the ground. Changes to schedules are tracked, providing an easy audit trail for FM teams. Maintenance regimes can be shared with subcontractors, with the added ability to choose what information is shared, giving the property manager the control to share only the relevant information with any given party.

In terms of maintaining compliance and accessing SFG20 schedules, users can search by keyword, Uniclass, British Standard or NRM code. Automatic notifications advise users when SFG20 content is updated and Facilities-iQ can be integrated with CAFMs and other FM software via an API, meaning that SFG20 updates are provided in real-time, so users never risk missing the latest version of the standard.

Visit to request a product demonstration.

Picture: a photograph of Paul Bullard with the "Spotlight Interview" logo

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 08 January 2024


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