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Sunamp Unveils New Thermino Heat Batteries

24 November 2021

Sunamp has announced its fourth generation compact thermal batteries for instant, fast-flowing hot water in homes. 

The new extended Thermino® range, which cuts carbon emissions and optimises renewable systems, was unveiled at EMEX, the net-zero and energy management expo in London.

It is the first in a series of new product announcements to be made over coming weeks covering space heating, industrial-scale systems and new heat pump partnerships.

The new Thermino hp range is currently compatible with leading heat pumps from Vaillant, Daikin, Kensa and Samsung, with more coming soon. Thermino e replaces direct cylinders that are primarily electrically heated and Thermino replaces indirect hot water tanks with a backup immersion heater. Models optimised for solar PV self-consumption with combi boilers, system boilers and heat pumps are available.

Sunamp designs and manufactures compact heat batteries based on its patented Plentigrade® high-performance thermal storage technology platform. The new Thermino range contains a new and improved Plentigrade P58 phase change material (PCM) formulation with greater energy density to deliver even more hot water from thermal batteries that are up to four times smaller than equivalent hot water cylinders.

Like other Sunamp products, Thermino thermal storage is easy to install, requires no mandatory routine maintenance, helps to overcome the intermittency issues of renewable energy and lowers carbon emissions. Thermino heat batteries can be charged by air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, photovoltaics (PV), grid electricity and boilers. The products have been further optimized for use with heat pumps, including significantly reduced pressure drops (up to 70 per cent lower).

The Thermino range comes in 70, 150, 210 and 300 sizes, which are industry-friendly litres-equivalent measurements to allow for direct comparison with traditional hot water cylinders they replace. Thermino 180 and Thermino 250 models will be introduced in the first half of 2022. The use of vacuum insulation gives Thermino thermal batteries industry-leading energy efficiency including class leading A+ rated models across the full range of sizes.


Saving 1000kWh Per Year


Commenting at the launch, Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell said:

“The new Thermino range is super-compact, easy to install and has a key role to play in the electrification of heat. To tackle climate change, we need to change how we heat our buildings and move away from burning fossil fuels. Thermino is the perfect partner and an enabler for renewable energy systems, especially where space in the home is at a premium, and on a fully installed basis beats the cost base of the hot water cylinders it displaces. Despite challenges with global supply chain, due to intensive innovation the Thermino range is the same size and the same price as our third generation product, with improved performance giving up to 12% more hot water capacity.

“Our analysis based on today’s fuel costs have shown that householders can expect to save as much as 1000kWh per year, equivalent to cutting electricity bills by £250 a year at today’s prices by using a Thermino instead of traditional direct hot water cylinder.

“Most importantly, Thermino massively expands the range of households which can have a heat pump installed as it overcomes the problem of where to fit the hot water tank. A Thermino will fit in a much smaller space.”

Picture: a photograph of Andrew Bissell

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 24 November 2021


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