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Thursday, 22 August

Taking The P*** - The Decline Of The Great British Public Toilet

Increasing pressures on local authority budgets has led to the privatisation or closure of many public toilets, leading to an unjust burden on society's vulnerable.

A report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) released in the week ending May 24 sheds light on the health burden of this declining public toilet provision which falls disproportionately on people with ill health or disability, the elderly, women, outdoor workers - and the homeless.


Loo leash

The RSPH says failure to provide adequate public loos directly hampers some of the UK’s wider public health efforts, such as curbing obesity and keeping our increasingly elderly population physically active and socially engaged with the community.

The Society's report also says fear of or knowledge of a lack of facilities nearby can tie people to within a small distance of their home, acting as a ‘loo leash’ for many.


Public’s perceptions

The report goes on to explore the public’s perceptions of public toilets – the various reasons why some choose not to use them, as well as the most common courses of action when a public facility is not immediately available.



A Royal Society for Public Health spokesperson told ThisWeekinFM: "The inadequate provision of public loos is a threat to health, mobility and equality. It is time these services are considered as essential as streetlights and waste collection."


Start a conversation

What's the solution - can commercial premises open up their loos to the public? Should pubs, restaurants and what's left of the retail sector be made to offer their facilities even if they have to charge a penny or more a go?

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Picture: To read or download your copy of Taking The P*** - The Decline Of The Great British Public Toilet - Click Here

Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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