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The Cost of Slips by Not Planning for Your Commercial Winter Services

The Cost of Slips by Not Planning for Your Commercial Winter Services
19 October 2021

As colder weather approaches, what are the potential costs of neglecting maintenance planning for winter?

Dean Harvey, Co-Founder and Managing Director of AccuGrit outlines the implications of slips and trips on businesses.

AccuGrit prides itself on providing the most effective and transparent winter maintenance service in the gritting and snow clearing industry. With a wealth of experience, a 24/7 control room, functionality to audit 100% of visits all day every day via their YETI bespoke management software, and specialist teams in the field using robust Sno-Way machinery, organisations in the private and public sector across the UK choose AccuGrit as their trusted winter maintenance partner.


The Cost of Workplace Slips


Over the years, we have all seen the adverts pointing out the cost to businesses that don’t plan for slips and trips, but we often don’t appreciate the actual costs behind such situations. Unfortunately, as a winter maintenance services provider, we often hear some horror stories from business owners from circumstances where unexpected winter weather has caused an employee or visitor an injury. The resulting consequences were costly to both the finances and brand reputation.    

Therefore, with winter knocking on our door in the UK, now is a crucial time for businesses to successfully plan to protect themselves and their company from any wintery accidents by reviewing how well your facility is safeguarded from the risks of ice or snow and ensuring adequate prevention plans are in place. Businesses cannot afford (literally) to hope that ice and snow won’t affect them, and no one will claim against them or run the risk of employing substandard contractors or poorly trained staff to look after a vital service required.

But don’t let us preach; below are some quick facts to put the hazards into perspective and highlight the potential risks to your facility between October-April.

The numbers associated with slips look like this:


  • 300,000 people go to A&E each year due to slipping over.
  • £1bn + in claims per year due to these slips.


Some real case studies:

  • A man slipped at Tesco store breaking his hip in 2015, and successfully claimed £733K
  • A Prison Warden slipped on ice while patrolling the prison and breaks his leg. He successfully claimed £497K
  • The average cost of a slip claim in the UK is £10K


The past couple of years have been challenging for businesses with the pandemic, and the focus has been firmly (rightly so) on managing policies and procedures around COVID. However, with employees and visitors slowly returning to the workplace, retail parks and hospitals, other perils now come into focus again.

To have your facility protected by a fully accredited and audited winter maintenance services business, who possess a wealth of industry experience and expertise such as AccuGrit can bring your business a substantial amount of peace of mind. We pride ourselves on being innovative and will protect you every hour of the winter requires.  This is why we encourage everyone to plan, and we also recommend you have your site surveys conducted now so that we can implement a successful plan collaboratively.

Picture: a photograph of London in the snow, showing Tower Bridge in the background 

Article written by Dean Harvey | Published 19 October 2021


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