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UK Employees Attend Office Less Than 1.5 Days a Week

UK Employees Attend Office Less Than 1.5 Days a Week
15 August 2022

On average, British employees come into the office less than 1.5 days a week, according to a global study of almost 80 offices across 13 countries.

This is versus nearly four days a week before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The study also found that on an average day, two-thirds of desks are unused and just over a quarter of people are coming into the offices, with the attendance figure dropping to just 12 per cent on Fridays. 

The working habits of almost 80,000 employees were recorded across June and July 2022 as part of The Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) Hybrid Working Index study.


Workers Are Not Complying With Hybrid Working Policies


The survey found that if companies have no hybrid working policies, people come in on average less than one day a week. However, even if organisations insist people attend the office three days a week, attendance averages just 2.1 days a week. 

Where organisations have stated two, two/three or three days in the office policies, attendance is respectively 1.1 days in the office, 1.6 days in the office and 2.1 days in the office.




However, where an employer trusts individual teams to make their own decisions about office attendance, the average is 2 days in the office.

Andrew Mawson, Managing Director of AWA, commented: “What this global survey shows is that as a result of changes due to the pandemic the hybrid working genie is out of the bottle. Even where employers try to force staff into the office two or three days a week, employees don’t comply." 

Picture: a photograph of three people in officewear standing outside in conversation. One person is holding a tablet.  Image Credit: Pexels

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 15 August 2022


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