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What is the Smartest City in Europe?

What is the Smartest City in Europe?
31 May 2024 | Updated 06 June 2024

With London previously taking the top spot for smart technology infrastructure, which European city has emerged as 2024’s smartest?

The Smart City Index uses sixteen indicators of a smart city, defined by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This includes:


  • Air quality (exposure to PM2.5)
  • The number of electric vehicle charging points
  • 10-year tree loss and gain
  • The number of LEED-certified green buildings


Developed by ProptechOS, the index scores each city on a scale of 0 to 100, defining the cities most prepared for a smarter future.


2024’s Smartest European City


Paris took the number one spot for 2024, scoring 76.4 out of 100, with London coming in at 73.1 to be placed second.

Paris’ win is driven by several impressive stats, including the fact that 99.9 per cent of the population has seamless 5G coverage from the average network provider. There is also a network of 10,663 free Wi-Fi hotspots.

The city is a hub for AI specialist companies, with 532 companies within its borders, including Mistral AI which was founded by Meta and DeepMind ex-employees. This is the second-highest concentration of AI companies within a European city.

In terms of the technology job market, Paris scored 89.1 out of 100, a score only matched by Lisbon.

Paris, which will host the 2024 Summer Olympics, is also known for its smart traffic management systems, which help monitor noise levels, air quality, and other environmental factors in real-time, to create the fastest travel times for road users.

Dr. Erik Wallin, Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer at ProptechOS, said: "Cities adapting to greener ways of living are set to thrive. US and European cities are leading the way toward a smarter future by evaluating their tech infrastructure and sustainability alongside a tech-driven job market. Embracing sustainable practices endorsed by global leaders is essential. 

The UN views smart infrastructure as crucial for urban growth. Advancements in smart cities and future technologies such as next-generation wireless communication and AI are expected to reduce environmental impacts and enhance living standards."

Picture: a graphic showing a cityscape. Image Credit: Pixabay

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 31 May 2024


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