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World Ventil8 Day Returns for 2023

World Ventil8 Day Returns for 2023
08 November 2023 | Updated 09 November 2023

The second annual World Ventil8 Day was held on 8 November 2023 to raise awareness of ventilation as a crucial part of human wellbeing.

Beginning in 2022, the awareness day reached 25 million people across social media, attracting high profile engagement from leading politicians and the UK’s Chief Scientist, Sir Patrick Vallance. 

World Ventil8 Day was initiated by a group of researchers including The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), and The Future Urban Ventilation Network.

This year’s theme is “Breathe Better Live Better” and the organisers plan to demonstrate how improving ventilation systems and raising awareness can address growing alarm over premature deaths linked to IAQ, mould and damp in homes, and other sources of indoor pollutants including smoking and traffic emissions.

Last year’s messages were picked up more than five million times on social media networks in 30 countries. The website also attracted over 15,000 visitors from 75 different countries and print media coverage had a reach of 382 million across 12 countries. This year, more events are planned worldwide as the focus on improving air quality grows internationally.


BESA Social Media Debate


BESA is also staging a social media debate involving leading industry, academic and political figures, including Professor Cath Noakes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings at the University of Leeds.

“Good ventilation is part of creating a sustainable and low-carbon environment, by using technology to balance air quality, energy use and comfort,” said Professor Noakes. “It is critical to making buildings more resilient to health threats including our regular battles with the transmission of respiratory infections in crowded indoor spaces.”

She said it was important for governments to set “realistic but ambitious targets” so the ventilation industry could work towards “fixing this growing public health crisis”.

The WV8D website includes a range of free resources including facts about the role of ventilation, and different methods that can be adapted depending on the age, design, location, and purpose of the building. It also explains how building operators can manage the complex trade-off between ventilation, energy consumption, climate change, urban pollution, noise, comfort, and security.

Picture: a graphic showing the outline of a person and their lungs, with particles in the air. Image Credit: BESA

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 08 November 2023


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