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Aceleron Launches Residential Battery Energy Storage System to Support a Circular Economy

Aceleron Launches Residential Battery Energy Storage System to Support a Circular Economy
18 November 2021

Award-winning clean technology company, Aceleron, has launched the world’s first serviceable, upgradable and scalable residential battery energy storage system.

It has been engineered to support a sustainable circular economy model as its future-proofed batteries can be repaired, serviced and upgraded.

Using Aceleron’s patented technology, the Offgen is a compact energy storage system designed for off-grid or grid-tied residential use. Designed to work seamlessly with home solar PV systems, it has several benefits including easy installation, flexibility for homeowners and the ability to be upgraded, which significantly improves the return on investment as well as reducing battery waste.

Launching at this year's EMEX, you can take a look at Offgen on Aceleron's Stand, C7


Easy to Use, Modular System


While most systems require additional wall-mounted components for their installation, the Offgen is a modular system. A single electrical grade cabinet, which can be installed inside or outside, contains lithium-ion batteries, hybrid inverter, communications interface and switchgear, making it compact and easy to install. Its open architecture also provides complete flexibility for homeowners to use their own PV-generated electricity or low-tariff grid energy. 

In addition, its modular design means users can choose the appropriate capacity for their home and upgrade as their needs grow, with a capacity of 4kWh up to 11kWh. The Offgen’s modularity also extends to each individual battery pack, which can be taken out and replaced or serviced in-country to extend the life of the system. With integrated remote monitoring capabilities, homeowners also have the ability to check the system’s status, monitor the solar/grid inputs/outputs, send maintenance requests and receive updates. 

Aceleron’s Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Carlton Cummins said: “Home energy storage is an essential part of the green transition and is key for the future of sustainable living. A house lasts for many decades and we believe your battery system should too. 

For homeowners seeking ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, the Offgen is the perfect companion to solar PV systems - designed to provide convenience, peace of mind and greater energy resilience, as well as being better for the environment through the reduction in battery waste.”

Picture: a photograph featuring a photograph of the offgen solution 

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 18 November 2021


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