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AI in Catering – Lolly Snapserve Launches Cashier-Less Checkouts

AI in Catering – Lolly Snapserve Launches Cashier-Less Checkouts
19 February 2021

AI has many applications in buildings, from AI-enabled IoT sensors to facial recognition, and it’s now helping to support COVID-safe workplace catering.

It’s Lolly, the digital EPOS and commerce specialist, has launched the Lolly Snapserve, a vision-based cashier-less checkout that uses AI. 

The launch of the Lolly Snapserve is to support FM teams and corporate caterers in creating  COVID-safe environments, without compromising customer service.

The solution is cashier-less and is a fully-automated checkout experience. The vision-based system creates a swift and completely contactless walk-through experience for the customer and is a highly efficient new use of AI technology in the corporate catering sector.

FM teams and corporate caterers are facing increased pressure to provide COVID-safe environments, particularly as restrictions ease and we head back into the workplace. By removing the touchscreen and human contact elements at the checkout, systems such as Lolly Snapserve could support social distancing and other COVID-19 safety protocols.


"This is not technology for technology’s sake. Snapserve uses computer vision and AI to speed up transactions, reduce queuing times (which aids social distancing) and improve hygiene, as touch screens and human contact are removed from the checkout process."

–Peter Moore

CEO, It’s Lolly


How is COVID Changing Office Catering?


The ability to safely cater for a building’s occupants has been a challenge for workplace managers over the last year. Managing social distancing and additional hygiene measures have become the norm, and catering solutions have had to adapt. 

Last Summer, catering services provider Bartlett Mitchell has announced the launch of “BM delivered”  to support clients looking for temporary food solutions during the post-COVID lockdown period.

The service was offered to all clients facing reduced building footfall over the next few months, or those looking for individually packaged meals for safe distancing measures. This removed the need to leave a building to purchase lunch, offering a delivered alternative. 

Similarly, service provider Sodexo’s solution involved a partnership with food technology experts Dynamify to support the implementation of digital retail and hospitality across its sites in the UK. Sodexo’s app enables consumers to buy from its restaurants and retail outlets, or to access delivered-in options at the touch of a button, as well as ordering hospitality for meetings. 


Improving Wait Times and Efficiency


Aside from the COVID-safe elements, technology such as Lolly Snapserve can also eliminate queues and improve efficiency, and time per transaction can be reduced to just three seconds. 

Staff members visiting the catering facility simply place their tray under the vision-based kiosk, which uploads a photo to the Snapserve system. To pay, they scan the unique QR code on their Lolly app to identify themselves, and check out. Order confirmation and a receipt will be sent through within a few minutes of their checkout showing a list of items purchased and a digital receipt that they can review in the app. 

The kiosk requires just a single photo to be uploaded to the system to launch. Fresh daily dishes, or new/special menu items take just a moment to upload via a mobile phone image.

Security features are inbuilt to the checkout, providing the FM team or corporate caterer with peace of mind. If a customer leaves without successfully authorising payment, the kiosk displays a warning and flashes a red light.

Peter Moore, CEO of It’s Lolly commented: “We are very excited to be launching Lolly Snapserve to market and using AI to improve efficiency for both providers and customers. Corporate caterers and facilities management now have the opportunity to utilise this advanced technology and offer next-level seamless service. Lolly Snapserve is part of Lolly’s integrated product range, thus creating a fully closed-loop ordering and payment environment.

“From a commercial point of view, Lolly Snapserve makes real business sense. This is not technology for technology’s sake. Snapserve uses computer vision and AI to speed up transactions, reduce queuing times (which aids social distancing) and improve hygiene, as touch screens and human contact are removed from the checkout process.

“Snapserve is the next stage of Lolly’s evolution as we continue to work with clients to take technology and the customer experience to the next level.”

Picture: a photograph of a person with a tray of food, using the Lolly Snapserve checkout

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 19 February 2021


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