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Post-Pandemic Catering Solution Launched by Lolly

14 July 2021

Vending machines and other digital-first catering solutions might hold the key to post-pandemic office catering.

It’s Lolly, the digital EPOS and commerce specialist, has added a vending offering to its suite of products.

Lolly has partnered with Payter to introduce a cost-effective vending product to market. This launch enables the retrofitting of an existing machine to unite vending with Lolly’s integrated hospitality offering.


COVID-Safe Vending Machines


The whole dynamic of workplace catering has been disrupted by COVID-19, so are vending machines the answer?

Aside from the new logistical issues that face workplace canteens, managing perceptions of hygiene and safety for employees is also critical. People beginning to attend their workplace might feel understandably reticent about their usual lunchtime habits.

To support hygiene measures, LollyVend features a QR code scanner, to help individuals using the Lolly application pay seamlessly and be rewarded through their mobile app. It's also cashless.

LollyVend allows vending solutions to be completely managed by the hospitality provider or corporate caterer - creating a dynamic, rewarding vending service. Previously vending options have been difficult to introduce due to costs that outweighed ROI and revenue possibilities from machines. This new product is set to transform the potential of vending for catering and hospitality by allowing providers to have complete control and benefit from vending.


Natasha's Law Compliant


A useful addition to any hospitality or commercial setting where people are working around the clock on a mixture of shift patterns, the Lolly vending solution can provide not only the traditional sweet and savoury snacks, but also the healthier options of food that some businesses choose to promote in line with employee wellbeing. Snack options can be clearly labelled to meet Natasha’s Law requirements.

Peter Moore, CEO of It’s Lolly: “We are very excited to be launching LollyVend. Traditionally, vending has remained outside the entire hospitality offering. Now we have launched a vending solution that can be brought into these types of environment, to form part of the digital hospitality journey for the customer or employee.

“The machine has a highly secure and robust chip and pin reader – making it a cost-effective option, and one which finally enables the hospitality provider to take control of their on-site vending. They can remain confident in the security of the machine, even in an unmanned environment. 

“For businesses or settings which operate shift timetables, this type of machine makes complete sense. It is quick and easy to purchase food, and it also minimises human contact, which is critical in the current COVID climate.”

Picture: a photograph of a vending machine, showing a hand reaching out to make a selection

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 14 July 2021


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