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BESA Calls for Government to Invest in Heat Pumps

BESA Calls for Government to Invest in Heat Pumps
02 February 2023 | Updated 31 January 2023

Funding earmarked for building efficiency should be brought forward urgently in light of the energy cost crisis and climate change goals, according to BESA.

“The government does seem committed to making both residential and commercial buildings more energy efficient, but its funding timetable needs an urgent review,” said BESA’s Technical Director Graeme Fox. 

“The country is not on track to meet its long-term goals and we are also missing a shorter-term opportunity to improve our energy security by not tackling the root causes of excessive fossil fuel use for heating.” 

A report from the political think-tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) also urges the government to bring forward the £6 billion promised by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt from 2025 to help building owners cut energy use by 15 per cent compared with current levels.


Barriers to Heat Pumps


It’s been suggested that 50,000 specialist installers will be required to achieve the government’s annual heat pump installation target of 600,000. However, this figure COULD be three times lower than the number actually required.

The HHIC Systems Group, chaired by Steve Keeton, conducted investigations of working practices through their membership, finding that around 150,000 workers will be required to meet the government’s target if today’s working model is followed.

Steve said: “The industry is at a pivotal point, with an ageing workforce and exacerbated demand for modernised skillsets we really must look to new entrants as fundamental in providing the solution. The government must push harder than ever to engage and incentivise existing heating engineers to build skills in renewable technologies. In addition, it must attract more new people to enter the industry and appeal to the younger generation to proactively include low-carbon technologies in their portfolio. It is the cornerstone we need in order to achieve our nation’s emissions goals.”

Another barrier to heat pump adoption could be THE upfront cost. The IPPR urged the government to increase the level of finance available to homeowners to make heat pumps more attractive. 

Retrofitting homes to improve energy efficiency and installing a low-carbon heating system would also save the average household £500 once the new £3,000 Energy Price Guarantee comes into effect in April, according to the IPPR report. 

Picture: a photograph of a radiator. Image Credit: Pixabay

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 02 February 2023


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