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Cleaning Show 2021 Reveals Latest Hygiene Innovations

Cleaning Show 2021 Reveals Latest Cleaning Innovations
22 September 2021

Self-driving UV disinfection bots, zero-plastic toilet paper and water-based antimicrobial spray are just some of the innovations to be launched at this year's Cleaning Show.

Taking place at ExCeL, London, The Cleaning Show 2021 will welcome some of the industry’s leading suppliers when it returns from 2-4 November.

“We’re very excited to welcome all of this year’s returning and new exhibitors to the show after what has been a critical year for the cleaning industry. From the increasing role of automation and technology to all-new sanitising and disinfecting solutions, we hope attendees will leave inspired, armed with the products they need to meet the evolving challenges, helping to keep employees and the public safe," said Stuart Dacre, Event Director at The Cleaning Show.

Let's take a look at what attendees can expect to see at the show:


Advances in Cleaning Technology – Robots


After a year that has seen heightened awareness around cleanliness and sanitation, it is more important than ever for businesses across all industry sectors to embed effective and safe hygiene practices.

Once a highly labour-intensive industry, automation continues to expand throughout the cleaning industry. For example, ICE, the UK’s largest independent provider of cleaning equipment, will be on hand to showcase its wide range of future friendly cleaning solutions. Among its newly launched products, ICE unveiled its new UV Bot – the latest in its co-botics range designed to advance autonomous cleaning through innovation. It enables the operator to add disinfectant and set tasks before the self-driving UV bots begins its work. It is complete with 3D obstacle avoidance and 360° UV-C and ultrasonic dry mist disinfection.

Killis, a leading manufacturer and importer of specialist cleaning equipment and janitorial suppliers will also demonstrate how automation is leading the charge, through the introduction of its Leobot. Designed to maximise productivity and optimise cleaning efficiency, it uses up to 70 per cent less water than other robots, delivering an eco-friendly and safe alternative to increase the cleaning frequency of those all-important touchpoints.



Picture: a photograph of the Leobot from Killis


Elsewhere on the show floor, Lavor will present its LI-ION Series, the new range of LAVOR floor scrubber dryers, designed with lithium batteries to increase the level of productivity and reduce cleaning costs. Similarly, Rotowash will be showcasing its industrial floor cleaning machine to tackle all types of flooring. With 650 rpm and up to 36kg of brush pressure, this premium product features a patented brush system that can reach deep down into the irregularities of profiled floors such as grouted tiles, studded rubber, entrance matting or escalator steps and is equally effective for scrubbing and buffing flat surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and wood. 



Picture: a photograph of Rotowash's industrial floor cleaning machine


Reducing Plastic Waste


Helping businesses meet evolving sustainable targets, cleaning products supplier, Foremost will exhibit its zero-plastic Ecobox toilet paper, lowering carbon footprint whilst using the highest grade Pillowsoft tissue. Also helping to reduce waste, Northwood will showcase its new Raphael range, featuring two toilet tissue and four-hand towel dispensers, plus a soap dispenser.

Attendees will also be able to see Northwood’s newly expanded luxury Whisper range of premium pure pulp toilet rolls, facial tissues and airlaid hand towels. Completing the Northwood product range, and making its debut at the show, Whisper Green – the first 100 per cent recycled luxury toilet tissue in the range – will also be on the stand for attendees to explore.


Sanitising and Disinfecting Solutions


Throughout the pandemic, cleaning organisations and businesses have seen a sharp increase in the need for disinfectant sprays, which is why companies like Vycel have embraced technology to pioneer future solutions for virus protection. The Electrostatic Sprayer delivers a positively charged water-based antimicrobial spray, quickly sanitising and disinfecting 100% of surfaces within just 30 seconds.

In addition, P-Wave will feature at this years show exhibiting its GermErase 24hr disinfectant product in partnership with GermErase, whilst IK Sprayers will be introducing its new IK e 15 BS to visitors which comes with four specifically designed nozzles to improve effectiveness, safety, and speed of treatments.OspreyDeepClean will also be making an appearance, displaying its new range of HYBRID steam technology machines with environmental hygiene at the heart of its mission to revolutionise the steam cleaning industry.



Picture: a photograph of a bottle of GermErase disinfectant


Supporting Operational Management


Providing businesses with the tools to embrace growth and manage operations, Nex Dynamic will highlight how its Squeegee Advanced delivers an end-to-end tool for SMEs that eliminates manual admin using intelligent real-time technology. The solution offers a range of automated administrative tasks, from creating ad hoc invoicing; reducing card payments; automatic bank reconciliation to reduce admin time and full integration of accounting software, Xero helping to streamline accounts. The company will also highlight its new Customer Portal, launched in September 2021, which enables users to manage bookings, view invoices and make payments, all without the need for any communication and more importantly, any delay.

While uComply will highlight how its easy to use, onboarding, ID authentication and training processes help businesses meet increasingly stringent procedures. This includes uOnboard for all employee onboarding needs; uAuthenticate – a Right to Work application that can be used in conjunction with uOnboard or stand-alone; and UTrain, a fully customised service that includes an update on current guidance, document examination and how to deal with a suspicious document as well as different methods to safeguard every business. 

The show is jointly owned by the British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media. The British Cleaning Council invests its proceeds from the Cleaning Show back into the cleaning industry in the form of research, grants, consultation services, campaigns, and generating positive publicity for the sector. 

Picture: a photograph of some cleaning bots from Killis

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 22 September 2021


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