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First Carbon Free Steel Recycling Plant to be Built in Finland

First Carbon Free Steel Recycling Plant to be Built in Finland
24 March 2023

A new steel recycling plant that will operate 100 per cent carbon free is to open in 2025.

Using new pre-treatment and material analysis technology, the plant is to produce significantly higher levels of purity in its recycled raw materials and it will have improved separation capabilities. Customers will benefit from precise carbon footprint calculations and cleaner recycled steel in their production.

Steel production is historically carbon intensive, with much of the world’s steel made from blast furnaces, usually with a carbon footprint of 1.6-2.0 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of crude steel produced. The steel industry is responsible for around 5 per cent of CO2 emissions in the EU and 7 per cent globally. Carbon free processing of steel usually involves the direct reduction of iron using renewable hydrogen.

The site will be built in in the Finnish port city Kemi, with recycling services company Kuusakoski planning to invest €25 million in the project. It will increase the annual recycling capacity of Kuusakoski by 150,000 tonnes, or 25 per cent. The investment is projected to result in over 150,000 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions annually throughout the entire supply chain.

Mikko Kuusilehto, President and CEO of Kuusakoski, said:  “We are seeing the steel industry beginning to move towards carbon free production. Our new plant will bring with it carbon free processing, which will enable our customers to further reduce their climate impact throughout the value chain.”

Building is planned to begin in 2024, with the new plant opening in 2025. It will employ approximately 20 people.

Picture: an image showing the proposed plant, a large single-storey building. A HGV can be seen nearby. Image Credit: Kuusakoski Recycling

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 24 March 2023


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