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German Cities Impose Emergency Energy Saving Measures

German Cities Impose Emergency Energy Saving Measures
04 August 2022

As gas production from Russia’s Gazprom slows, cities in Germany are switching to cold water in pools, turning off the spotlights at public monuments and banning mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters.

Data from Bloomberg suggests that Gazprom, the state-owned energy firm, pumped 774 million cubic metres of gas a day in July, which is 14 per cent less than in June.

Germany is particularly exposed to the volatility of gas supplies from Gazprom as a heavy importer of Russian gas. In 2020, Russia supplied more than half of Germany’s natural gas.

Measures are now in place in an attempt to avert a national energy crisis and conserve supplies for the winter. This includes turning off spotlights at over 200 buildings, including Berlin’s Victory Column in Tiergarten park and the Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz.


"The situation remains tense, which is why we are again increasing our efforts. The gas consumption must be further reduced and the storage tanks must be filled. We should work on this with united forces."

–Robert Habeck

Vice Chancellor of Germany


Reducing Business Gas Consumption


As part of the gas-saving measures, the government have requested that rooms such as “corridors, large halls, foyers or engineering rooms”  are not heated. Large industrial companies with a high energy consumption are also to implement energy-saving measures.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and Vice Chancellor of Germany Robert Habeck said: “We have made good progress, thanks in part to the participation of business and industry and society. We can build on this – and that is what we are doing now. The situation remains tense, which is why we are again increasing our efforts. The gas consumption must be further reduced and the storage tanks must be filled. We should work on this with united forces.

“Widespread solidarity had helped our society to get through this time very well so far, he said. “We will need this solidarity for longer and will work to ensure that it continues to be upheld. We need patience.”


What are the Alternatives?


Chris Goggin, Director of Operations at Rinnai, a global leader in heating and hot water appliance manufacturing, recently explored the crisis of reliance on Russian gas and what its continuation would mean for global energy provision.

He wrote: If long-term German gas supply is compromised Europe could turn to Africa in the hope of replacing a secure supply of gas. Tanzania is attempting to place itself at the forefront of this discussion, saying that a lack of infrastructure is the only real obstacle. Tanzania believes that if pipework can be laid between Europe and East Africa a working relationship is entirely feasible.”

Picture: a photograph of the German flag. Image Credit: Unsplash

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 04 August 2022


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