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Infraspeak Launches Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2022

Infraspeak Launches Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2022
10 February 2022 | Updated 04 March 2022

The IFM Tour 2022, organised by Infraspeak, includes events in the UK, Spain, Brazil and Portugal to discuss Maintenance 5.0 and the future of the FM sector.

The tour aims to discuss the future of maintenance and facility management by bringing important global players together, in four different countries. In London, the conference happens next March 10th and registrations are already open.

How will Industry 5.0 impact the future of the Maintenance and Facility Management sector? This is the main question Infraspeak intends to answer in the IFM event, which will address topics such as “the management of teams and assets in the Age of Intelligence” or “how businesses and operations must urgently adapt in the face of the ongoing industrial revolution”.




“All those who work with Maintenance and Facility Management today face an enormous challenge: regulations are increasingly demanding and everything happens much faster, in a context where there is more technology in buildings and cities, and resources do not stretch”, explains Felipe Ávila da Costa, Co-Founder and CEO of Infraspeak.

“Not implementing processes and solutions for efficient and sustainable operations - that also contribute to environmental sustainability - will make many companies disappear in the next 10 years. In the Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2022, we want to bring together all professionals in these sectors to discuss how companies can adapt to this new era, without this becoming too much of a headache.”

During the event, the winners of the Infraspeak Awards will also be revealed — an initiative that aims to highlight the “champions” of Intelligent Maintenance. These will award the teams and companies working with Infraspeak that stood out the most in the categories of: “Most Efficient Operation”, “Most Integrated Operation”, “Most Intelligent Operation” and “Champion of the Year”.


"We are going to witness a phenomenon of natural selection in which those who do not adapt, will disappear. Our role at Infraspeak is to help these companies and teams successfully go through this transformation”

–Rui Santos Couto

VP of Growth, Infraspeak


Maintenance Centred on People and Sustainability


Sophisticated technological systems are already being implemented as a response to new production needs, but the concept of Maintenance 5.0 brings a complete paradigm shift.

Maintenance 4.0’s technological revolution allowed various industries and services to, collect operational data in real-time. The “Internet of Things (IoT)” and Artificial Intelligence are two of the fundamental areas of Maintenance 4.0.

But the sector is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and today, those who need to digitally transform to meet the requirements of Maintenance 4.0, are also obliged to respond to the challenges of sustainability and put people as the main focus of the operation. We have moved from an asset-centric approach to a people-centric approach.

“Maintenance management has gone through several 'ages': the age of paper, the age of spreadsheets and the first specific software to manage operations. Today, many teams are still living in some of these past ages, but they will all have to make an important decision as soon as possible: when to start transforming the way they work to be closer to the Maintenance 5.0 vision. It's almost a matter of survival. We are going to witness a phenomenon of natural selection in which those who do not adapt, will disappear. Our role at Infraspeak is to help these companies and teams successfully go through this transformation”, explains Rui Santos Couto, VP of Growth at Infraspeak.

With the support of technology, Maintenance 5.0 intends to involve employers and workers in all decisions, including them directly in the processes, investing in their continuous training and looking at people as an investment, not an expense. In parallel, this new approach to Maintenance aims to optimise production cycles and planning, for example, avoiding waste of time and energy consumption, in order to bet on truly sustainable systems.

Picture: a graphic showing the words: "Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2022"

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 10 February 2022


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