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Job Hopping Post-Pandemic – Looking for Change or Support?

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07 June 2021

Half of all UK employees are on the hunt for a new job following the start of the pandemic, according to a recent poll. How can FMs improve staff retention?

The survey of 1,000 UK office workers, conducted by UK-based online printer instantprint, highlights current job satisfaction levels of those employed within the UK, as well as examining what employers could do in a bid to retain their restless workforce.  

Despite roughly half of the nation’s employees claim to be job hunting, just one in five of those surveyed had actually changed jobs since March 2020.   




Occupation Opportunity Complications


The staggering difference between the rate of those looking for a job versus those changing jobs could be down to a lack of job opportunities with many industries only just starting to re-open during spring and summer this year.  

Not only has the pandemic fast-tracked working from home – a trend that was already on the up – but a large portion of the nation has also been faced with the prospect of furlough, pay freezes, and even job losses due to the effects of coronavirus.  

In fact, instantprint’s  survey found that  37 per cent of respondents had been furloughed at some point since the scheme was introduced last March, with 35 per cent of them furloughed between 1-6 months. Nearly 15 per cent had been furloughed for upwards of six months.  


Furlough and Working From Home


When asked to describe how being placed on the furlough scheme has made them feel, a resounding 61 per cent felt anxious about being furloughed, with a further 33 per cent saying they had been left feeling frustrated.  

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, with 39 per cent reporting that the experience had actually made them feel relaxed, and 33 per cent saying it made them happy. 

Ensuring employees are still engaged and feel valued was found to be the best way to keep those on the furlough scheme happy for the duration of their time away from work, as 33 per cent shared they were less than impressed by their employer’s efforts to keep in touch during furlough.  

Just 21 per cent of those surveyed felt that their employer did enough to keep them engaged from home.  

UK workers said that simple gestures such as a scheduled call from their manager to check in whilst on the government scheme, involving them in virtual team events, offering them virtual training opportunities, and ensuring they received one hundred per cent of their wage were key to keeping them engaged. 

When the time comes for all employees to return to work, the survey showed that 71 per cent of participants are keen to work from home part time, with 35 per cent of that majority wanting to work remotely on a permanent basis. 


How Can Managers Help?


Team Experience Operations Manager  at  instantprint, Angela, shared her top 5 employee retention tips for small business owners: 


  • Reassure your staff of their worth  – everyone deserves to feel safe and valued in their roles.
  • Let their voice be heard – collect feedback through surveys or Q&A sessions, and also provide space to hear about how they are outside of work.
  • Send regular updates – a weekly email or phone call can make a difference for isolated team members.
  • Reward them best that you can – positive affirmations, training investment and simple thanks can go a long way.
  • Don't make everything serious – have some fun in an appropriate way.


Picture: a suited person running on a track to symbolise a career path.

Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 07 June 2021


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