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Looking for Co-Working Space? Try 9 Days in Tuscany

Looking for Co-Working Space? Try 9 Days in Tuscany
07 July 2021

A week of free co-working space in the Tuscan village of Peccioli is available for six professionals.

The Peccioli Working Village project, promoted by the Municipality of Peccioli and Belvedere S.p.A., in collaboration with Touring Club Italiano, is looking for six individuals to work in the village and exchange ideas and skills.

Italian and foreign professionals have until Monday 12 July to apply for the opportunity, where they will enjoy a "working village" experience and accommodation and hospitality at no cost. 



Picture: a photograph of Peccioli


Smart Working in Italy


The Municipality of Peccioli and the Belvedere S.p.A. are proposing a week of rest, discovery, and co-working in the Bandiera Arancione village of Peccioli, nestled in the hills of the Valdera area (PI), not far from Florence.

A small local team will organise meetings with local businesses in the sector to facilitate the sharing of professional skills, points of view, ideas, and suggestions. The "villagers" will also have the opportunity to discover all the wonderful things that the village offers such as food and wine, wellness, nature, and culture.


The Location


Despite its small size - the municipal area has just under 5,000 inhabitants. Peccioli was one of the villages selected and certified by Touring Club Italiano back in 2003 with the Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) seal of excellence. It was also chosen to represent all "Resilient Communities” at the 2021 Architecture Biennial in Venice.

The village has been described as having a "virtuous and far-sighted management of the environment and area", and a variety of historical-artistic landmarks and attractions.

It presents itself as an engaging open-air museum, full of open-air installations and sculptures. The village has also retained its medieval layout, with plenty of historic buildings.

Peccioli features a "Green Triangle" a futuristic landfill that treats and disposes of waste and turns into an unexpected open-air stage for events.



Picture: a photograph of the green triangle



What's Included?


  • Free accommodation and hospitality for nine days
  • Activities such as local food tastings, yoga, trekking and guided tours
  • The opportunity to share skills with the local network and be part of a community of professionals

Picture: a photograph of Peccioli from above

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 07 July 2021


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