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Machine-learning CCTV Flags Emergencies And Crime

Most CCTV data shows normal behaviour.
CCTV data
30 April 2019

Room40, a company specialising in context aware and audio security monitoring analytics, has adopted Nokia Scene Analytics at sites across Belgium.

The solution will use machine-learning algorithms to identify anomalies in thousands of simultaneous streams of video, audio and sensor information to flag incidents in real-time.

Highway service stations are often the site of vandalism, theft and coordinated drug and human trafficking. The cost of 24/7 video and audio monitoring, either by personnel or software, is expensive. Room40 and Vias Institute, the Belgian knowledge centre for road safety and security, are jointly tackling this issue on Belgian highways and other public spaces using the Nokia Scene Analytics solution.

The same solutions will also become available for construction companies to monitor productivity and safety on site.


Normal or not normal

Typically, up to 99 per cent of video, audio and sensor data is normal behaviour. The Nokia Scene Analytics software uses machine-learning to establish what is 'normal', enabling it to track and record only irregular behaviour that might be connected to safety or security incidents. This reduces the amount of data to process and more quickly and efficiently alerts personnel to incidents.

It is capable of extracting information from new and older, low-resolution CCTV cameras, as well as audio and other IoT sensors.


What's really there

Harald Oymans, CEO and co-founder of Room40, said: "In a world that changes so drastically almost every minute, it is of the utmost importance to be able to see what's really there. Scenario based patterns only provide insight in what was, not in what is. The self-learning capability of Nokia Scene Analytics enhances insight in what's really there, therefore enhancing the existing knowledge base with new information based patterns, which in turn enable the collection of the really needed data. In short, Nokia Scene Analytics enables true insights in a quickly changing world without any human assumptions and in doing so it enables the structural growth of knowledge."


Detect, select and track

Nokia's Josee Loudiadis, Vice President Enterprise Analytics and IoT, said: "Real life situations require an intelligent platform that can actively detect, select and track only relevant video streams for a variety of surveillance tasks. An important element of our Future X for industries strategy, the Nokia Scene Analytics software is a game changing solution to the problem of security monitoring and will have wide ranging applications in many other smart city and industrial applications."

Picture: Most CCTV data shows normal behaviour. Scene Analytics establishes what is 'normal', enabling it to help track and record only irregular behaviour.


Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 30 April 2019


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