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Mitie Launches Air Disinfection Service

Mitie Launches Air Disinfection Service
09 March 2021 | Updated 10 March 2021

Mitie has launched a new air disinfection service using ultraviolet light to help eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses, funghi and mould.

Partnering with Luxibel, the service uses UVC purification lamps with modern designs, that can be installed either discreetly in air vents and ceiling tiles, or displayed to aid employees’ and customers’ peace of mind

Air quality can be monitored through real-time remote sensor technology, while UVC detection stickers placed around the site can monitor UVC levels.


Exclusive Rights to Luxibel UVC System


Mitie has exclusive UK rights to install Luxibel UVC purification lamps in a range of locations, including offices, airports, shopping centres and other work or public spaces, to help in providing cleaner air.

UVC is a specific range of ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200–280nm. Light at these wavelengths can significantly reduce bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from air, surfaces and water. UVC light is recognised as an option for surface disinfection by the Health and Safety Executive.

The UVC technology is available in a range of formats, depending on the needs of the customer and the location where it will be used. For example, lamps can be installed in meeting rooms and bathrooms where surface disinfection is the priority. The Luxibel range includes modern designs to ensure the equipment fits into workplace environments seamlessly.

Meanwhile, mounted models resembling air vents have been specifically designed for areas where there’s a steady flow of people, such as hospital hallways and airports.


Chemical Free System


As a chemical-free system using low energy bulbs, the UVC technology is also ideal for businesses looking to limit their environmental impact, while helping disinfect their spaces. The systems can be scaled to any building size or budget and have low capital and running costs.

Importantly, the systems can be indirectly monitored through on-site UVC dosage display stickers, which change colour depending on how much UVC the area has been exposed to, as well as via remote monitoring sensors which monitor changes in the air quality, such as in temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.

Carlo Alloni, Managing Director, Technical Services and Integrated Facilities Management, Mitie, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of air quality and what a gamechanger technology can be when it comes to keeping people safe, even in the face of some of the most unexpected challenges. Delivering this innovative solution to help keep our customers’ spaces – not just surfaces, but the air people breathe – by reducing the level of harmful viruses and bacteria is just one of the ways that we are helping keep the public safe and Britain running.”

Matthew Hart, Managing Director, UK, Luxibel, added: “The use and integration of Luxibel UVC sterilisation technology significantly helps to create a safe and healthy working environment. As people return to the workplace and public spaces become increasingly populated, additional layers of safety are vital and innovation is key. We are extremely proud to partner with market leaders in the facilities management industry, Mitie.”

Picture: a photograph of an airport forecourt

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 09 March 2021


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