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Next-Step for Cleaning Robot Innovation

03 August 2022

Avidbots and Maplesoft collaboration produces innovation to meet growing demand for autonomous commercial cleaning systems.

Avidbots, one of the world’s leading robotics companies, and Maplesoft, a leading provider of advanced modeling and calculation software for engineering and research, are proud to announce that the companies are collaborating with a strategic venture to bring more innovation to autonomous cleaning robot design for commercial customers.

Warehouses and retail businesses are frequently turning to tech to provide efficient, cost-effective cleaning options for essential commercial cleaning tasks. Finding efficient cleaning solutions has been made challenging by unpredictable staffing and the additional COVID-related surface disinfection steps. Avidbots made a mark on the cleaning industry through the launch of its latest-generation fully autonomous robot floor cleaner, Neo 2, in 2020. The company has continued to develop and expand the capabilities and quality of its autonomous robotic product line with the launch of the Disinfection Add-On in 2021 to meet this growing demand.


“As a company, Avidbots is dedicated to making our products accessible to customers and delivering the best return on investment. Maplesoft’s advanced virtual modeling capabilities help to keep our product development nimble and adaptive, so we can deliver our customers built-in intelligence that allows Neo to perform on its own with a consistent, efficient, and measurable clean.”


– Peter Ahn
VP of Engineering, Avidbots


Simulation Trialed


In their latest collaboration with Maplesoft, Avidbots is utilising Maplesoft’s software capabilities to design robots in a virtual simulation environment and test real-world situations without investing resources in physical prototypes. Using simulation software, mechatronics engineers can rapidly produce different virtual prototypes much faster than building a single physical system. It is also easier to test the performance of a digital model under a variety of operating conditions than to set up multiple testing spaces in a warehouse.

As an industry leader, it was important to Avidbots to find ways to keep their product development nimble. When Avidbots decided to simulate the capabilities of their robots, they looked to Maplesoft’s MapleSim engineering software to give them reliable digital models with the right level of realism, and flexibility for their engineers to test a variety of scenarios, features, and components.



Picture: Maplesoft software working with Avidbots hardware. Image credit: Maplesoft/Avidbots.


Maplesoft Modeling


Since Maplesoft launched the MapleSim product family in 2008 it has been used by designers globally as a virtual modeling environment to evaluate design elements and to quickly test how different product features perform. Maplesoft’s engineering team is experienced in modeling robotics for manufacturing, packaging, and warehouses, and the MapleSim software can combine design elements from separate engineering domains, such as the mechanical, electrical, and driveline systems found in autonomous robots, into one platform.

“Maplesoft has always provided advanced modeling tools that equip tech companies to design better, stronger machines through simulation. This successful collaboration of Maplesoft and Avidbots demonstrates how Canadian tech companies working together can provide a rich setting for developing new autonomous design concepts and bringing innovative, game-changing products to market faster,” said Chris Harduwar, VP of Business Development, Maplesoft.



Automation Across the Built Environment


Avidbots robotic solutions are used throughout the world in various environments, such as airports and transit, education, retail, manufacturing and warehousing, and healthcare. Powered by Avidbots Autonomy, a proprietary AI software, their Neo product line delivers a fully autonomous clean while autonomously navigating through designated cleaning areas and automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles. With its advanced performance reporting, Neo also allows companies to make data-driven decisions, creating operational efficiencies and protecting against health and safety concerns.

“We are excited by this partnership with another Canadian technology company, Maplesoft, and their commitment to innovation and engineering expertise,” said Peter Ahn, VP of Engineering, Avidbots. “As a company, Avidbots is dedicated to making our products accessible to customers and delivering the best return on investment. Maplesoft’s advanced virtual modeling capabilities help to keep our product development nimble and adaptive, so we can deliver our customers built-in intelligence that allows Neo to perform on its own with a consistent, efficient, and measurable clean.”

The combined venture of the two companies is expected to speed up the time-to-market for new features and allow a variety of options to be paired with different industries. Commercial customers are discovering Avidbots’ autonomous cleaning robots maintain high quality when performing their duties, and their growing popularity demonstrates how the innovative pairing of Avidbots and Maplesoft has filled a need in the market.


Picture: the Neo 2 cleaning robot. Image credit: Avidbots.

Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 03 August 2022


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