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Tuesday, 22 October

Putting Augmented Reality Into The Maintenance World

An augmented reality headset

An augmented reality headset that facilitates maintenance work is an innovation that is set to revolutionise the daily lives of maintenance technicians.

Carl Software, of the Berger-Levrault group is in an augmented maintenance research and experimentation phases. A prototype is being tested in Toulouse, as part of a partnership with IRIT (Toulouse institute for IT research).

Back home, ThisWeekinFM is aware that a number of FM companies have experimented with the technology, with Cloudfm about to release a first practical working solution.

The Carl Software project entails equipping maintenance technicians with an augmented reality headset to facilitate maintenance work and enhance safety. Through a connection to the CARL Touch mobile application for field technicians, they have all the information they need for maintenance work, right before their eyes.

Using 3D vision, technicians can create a virtual workbench anchored in the physical space where the work is to be performed. With a simple gesture, they can place the information needed for a technical operation within their field of view.

In real time, they can for instance:

  • Display the 3 modelD of the item being worked on.

  • Display the list of operations to be performed and checked off.

  • Produce an augmented report with full context, to avoid any transcription errors.

  • Access remote assistance via Skype, sharing a live view with the hotline.

  • Control data fully, to ensure faster and safer work.

The integration of the latest augmented reality technologies into CARL Software’s maintenance management solutions demonstrates the technological and functional modularity of the CARL Source CMMS and the CARL Touch mobile application.

The objective is to implement the technology by 2021.

Original article by Anne Alba-Chadan - translation by Cathryn Ellis.


ServiceMax Wins Jury Award For Technology

ServiceMax, a provider of cloud-based software for service execution management has won the Jury Award at Les Mobility Awards 2019 in Paris for the company's ServiceMax Zinc product that connects technicians in real time with the people and information needed to quickly and accurately complete service calls.

The Jury Award (or Judge’s Choice Award) is not given every year and is only awarded when strongly supported by the judging panel. ServiceMax Zinc won this prestigious award in recognition of its technology innovation in addressing the mobility requirements of field service technicians.

The judging panel, known as the Jury, comprises a dozen industry journalists, representatives of end user companies, as well as the event organizers.

ServiceMax Zinc is a communication platform that’s purpose built for field service technicians. Instead of turning to non-compliant consumer Apps, ServiceMax Zinc enables service teams to share knowledge and information effectively across the field organization and service departments, allowing companies to drive better customer service, including a thirteen per cent reduction in repeat visits and a twenty percent increase in employee engagement.

The Mobility Awards recognize the achievements, best products and most innovative approaches to professional mobility each year.

Former Zinc CEO Stacey Epstein will be speaking at Maximize London 2019, an event for Service Execution Management.

Picture: For illustration purposes only. An augmented reality headset - with thanks to Google and Amazon.


Article written by Anne Alba-Chadan - translation by Cathryn Ellis


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