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Why Do We Find Working From Home Stressful?

Why Do We Find Working From Home Stressful?
23 April 2020 | Updated 19 May 2020

Remaining productive and healthy whilst working from home has been well-covered during the lockdown, by everyone from experts in ergonomic office furniture, wellbeing practitioners and technology leaders. 

However, according to a survey from Cartridge People, additional stress caused by working from home is a real issue in the workforce at the moment.

But why is this?


Loss of interaction with fellow co-workers


Cartridge People quizzed 1,500 people on what was the most stressful thing about working from home.

Their research shows that the loss of interaction with fellow co-workers is the main reason, with more than 30 per cent citing this as a direct cause of the stress.

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Not enough space


As well as this, almost a quarter of those surveyed claimed that their home workspace simply isn't big enough to accommodate their workload, a simple luxury that a communal office environment can provide. 

Comfort might also play a part in this. David English from AJ products recently told us that, whilst it may be tempting to sit on your sofa with your laptop balanced on your knees, that’s not a healthy way to work. Not only does it put you in the wrong frame of mind for working effectively, but it is also bad for posture and can lead to long-term neck and back pain. 

“Ideally, you should sit up properly at a desk on an ergonomic office chair that will give you the right support. Your workstation should allow you to sit with your wrists and forearms flat on the desktop with your elbows at 90° and the top of your screen at eye level.” said English




With more than a quarter of Brits struggling to juggle childcare with working from home, it's obvious that the combination of school closures with a change in how we're having to work during this challenging time is taking its toll on the UK. 

The Planet Mark, in their Home Worker Package, has linked up with The Eden Project, to provide some tips and resources to get kids excited about nature, the environment and sustainability.


Printing issues


Surprisingly, the study also found that one in ten workers are stressed because of problems with their printer, showing that remote working isn’t quite paperless yet. Similarly, more than one in ten said that having to hold virtual meetings and conferences is causing them stress.

Other findings from the survey show that:

  • A quarter of Brits (27 per cent) working from home take regular breaks to help their mental wellbeing
  • A third of UK workers are exercising daily and also making sure they leave the house to get some fresh air
  • One in seven are keeping to a strict routine
  • 1 in 4 are using modern technology to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues

You can view the survey in full here

Picture: A person working at their laptop, with their hands on their head in exasperation

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 23 April 2020


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