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Sunday, 21 July

Emcor Shines On World Mental Health Day

Keith Chanter - Emcor UK's CEO

Emcor UK undertook a series of activities in the week ending October 12 to mark World Mental Health Day which fell on October 10. The activities have been designed to boost organisational practises and raise awareness of the importance of positive workplace environments.

To mark the midway point of its three-year collaboration with mental health charity Mind, the FM provider, has launched its Six Ways to Wellbeing campaign - comprising Connect, Be Active, Nourish, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

The initiative aims to provide the business’ employees with daily tips and advice on how to improve their wellbeing. The information will be provided in the form of daily communications, including a handy pocket guide.


Keeping the debate going

Emcor also hosted two roundtable events at this year’s Mad World Summit in London on Tuesday October 9. The event was attended by around 450 delegates from over 1,000 companies, with leaders sharing their knowledge on how to change organisational behaviour and workplace cultures for better workplace mental health and wellbeing.



Through its partnership with charity, Mind, Emcor has a long history of support and initiating activities linked to wellbeing, both within its business and through its relationships with customers. But the efforts of the company to support the issue of wellbeing have culminated this year and are by far the most significant to-date.


Ask Twice

For its 4,000 employees, the company will be promoting its participation in the ‘Time to Change Think Twice’ campaign - calling on people to ‘Ask Twice’ if they suspect a friend, family member or colleague might be struggling with their mental health and encouraging them to help each other open up.



In the last two years over fifty Emcor employees have undergone training to become a mental health first aider and company has established a dedicated telephone helpline for its employees phone in, as a means to support their wellbeing.


Mad World

At the Mad World summit, Emcor's Jonathan Gawthrop, Senior Operations Director, and Jeremy Campbell, Business Development Director, led discussions on 'How to change organisational behaviour and workplace cultures for better workplace mental health and wellbeing' - focusing on the correlation between wellbeing and well-building. They also spoke on 'How organisations who support employee mental health and wellbeing can start to bridge the divide between wellbeing and productivity'.


Government commitment

The Mad World event coincided with Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, launching the government’s ambition to put mental health on an equal footing to physical health across the world, at the first ever annual ministerial mental health summit in which also took place in London on October 9.


Emcor UK

Keith Chanter, Emcor's CEO, said on October 9: “We remain committed to raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, as well as its effects on business productivity. We are steadfast for our support of Mind and are looking forward to continuing to share our knowledge and expertise with employees, customers, and the industry.”

Picture: Emcor UK's CEO, Keith Chanter.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer


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