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Sunday, 26 May

Air Con Engineers Take Easy Clean

The EasyCare evaporator cleaner

After trialling various cleaning products from Advanced Engineering products over the years, air conditioning and refrigeration firm Godfrey & Lappage has chosen to equip its engineers with the EasyCare evaporator cleaner.

“Being in the trade since the age of 15 and using countless alternatives, I always found myself facing the same problem - a strong odour,” says MD, Mark Lappage. Although as an engineer, you quickly get do go ‘noseblind’ to the aggressive smell of acid-based cleaners. When you’re working alongside others in close quarters, such as a kitchen or office environment, you soon discover how overwhelming that scent is when you see staff struggling to cope with the vapour. 

“When we first tried out the EasyCare evaporator cleaner and disinfectant we were impressed by its pleasant scent... as were our customers and their employees,” continued Lappage.

Effective at killing bacteria, fungi and microbes on the evaporator, EasyCare is has an effective cleaning action to re-establish the efficiency of an air conditioning system, while its disinfectant ensures total hygiene. It is supplied in a high-powered 600ml aerosol that is clearly labelled and includes CoSHH statements for ease of use. 

Godfrey and Lappage Services operate throughout Essex, London and the Home Counties, providing sales, service, installation and planned maintenance to the commercial ACR industry.

Picture: The EasyCare evaporator cleaner.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer


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