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Corporate Societal Impact - What Are The Measures?

The Total Impact Valuation: Overview of Current Practices front cover image.
25 July 2018 | Updated 27 July 2018

A study has examined the methods companies use to measure their impact on society.

The Conference Board (with bases in a number of countries) has released a study with examples of how businesses put a monetary value on their environmental, economic and social impacts.

This emerging practice - Total Impact Valuation - reveals to what extent their actions have a positive or negative influence beyond traditional financial accounting – a useful metric for any business looking to provide more societal value.

The study, Total Impact Valuation: Overview of Current Practices, looks at the approaches companies use to evaluate their total impact; the primary characteristics of these approaches, such as the types of indicators measured; and, the key similarities and differences between these approaches.

“Companies now face unprecedented pressure to disclose data about their environmental and social impacts, making Total Impact Valuation a valuable tool in today’s sustainability landscape,” said Thomas Singer, author of the report and Principal Researcher in the Sustainability Center at The Conference Board. “But for the practice to gain more appeal across the globe, the business community must help to improve its key drawbacks – namely, the limited comparability of results given the absence of a standard methodology.”


Insights from the analysis include:

  • Water use and greenhouse gas emissions are the two most commonly monetised indicators.

  • Companies typically select the indicators to include in their impact analyses based on a combination of data availability, measurability, and significance to their stakeholders.

  • In addition to water use and greenhouse gas emissions, other commonly monetised indicators from the group of examined companies include employee training and workplace accidents.


Total Impact Valuation is still in its embryonic stage

The study identified 14 trailblazing companies worldwide that met its overarching criteria - companies that publish the results of quantitative impact analyses that include both environmental and social impacts. The companies include multinationals BASF, AzkoNobel, and Samsung. While still in its infancy, the practice has gained momentum to the extent that many accounting firms now have a presence in this realm. Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC have all established methodologies and provide relevant service offerings.

Singer added: "Extending Total Impact Valuation to the value chain can yield insights but only a handful of companies do this. A valuation of impacts confined to just a company’s own operations risks obscuring significant yet more distant downstream or mainstream impacts. Most companies engage in only this limited approach, due largely to the additional resources required for conducting a comprehensive analysis that includes its value chain."


About the Conference Board

The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest. Its mission is to provide practical knowledge so major companies can improve their performance and better serve society.

Picture: The Total Impact Valuation: Overview of Current Practices front cover image.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 25 July 2018


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