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Flood Risk Checklist Essential For Business Planning

Flood Risk Checklist Essential For Business Planning
18 February 2020

Do you know if your business is at risk from flooding? If it is, then you need to create a business flood plan - and perhaps start looking at products that can protect your site from the ingress of water.

According to the UK Flood Defence Alliance (UKFDA), flooding is the most common natural disaster in the UK, with the Alliance stating there has been a major flood every year since 1998 and with climate change, this is likely to get worse.


"UK businesses are more likely to be hit by flooding than destroyed by fire. It is estimated that 30,000 UK businesses are at risk from flooding. Every business should check whether they are at risk of flooding and develop a business flood plan."

–Adam Crawford

UK Flood Defence Alliance 

Business continuity


Crawford continues: "A Business Flood Plan will help you to mitigate the risk to your business from flooding, potentially reduce the cost to your business and could make gaining insurance easier.

Preparation now could make the difference between your business failing after a flooding incident or being able to get back on your feet quickly and continuing in business."

Lift Reveal Fix Barrier


Protection products


The UKFDA can advise, specify or install a whole range of products that can help protect your business even if flooding strikes.

These products range from airbrick protection systems to flood doors for both commercial and domestic properties. Flood barriers and alternatives to sandbags come in a variety of options, while other flood products range from drainage pumps and valves to the Floodtite panseal that will prevent sewage overflowing out of toilets.


UKFDA checklist


The UKFDA exists to help property and business owners choose the ideal set of products to protect from flooding. However, the organisation is also a mine of information and can supply a comprehensive document that outlines how you can find out if your business is at risk of flooding; how to sign up for flood warnings and what different flood warnings mean; and an explanation of what you should include in your flood plan.


Find out more about flood safety plans here

Picture: Commercial flood defence systems as advised by the UKFDA.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 18 February 2020


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