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Property Flood Resilience eBook Launches

Property Flood Resilience eBook Launches
01 August 2019

A new Property Flood Resilience eBook has launched to provide businesses and home owners with over 40 real-life case studies from business and communities that have personally dealt with the aftermath of flooding.

Produced by flood awareness and resilience campaigner Mary Dhonau OBE, in partnership with the Environment Agency and Flood Re, the free eBook is designed to offer practical guidance and actual examples of the steps that can be taken to help properties withstand flood waters or ensure recovery can be achieved far quicker should flood waters breach a property.


Recovery is worse than flooding

Talking about the publication of the eBook, Mary Dhonau OBE said: “The devastation that flooding causes should never be underestimated. It leaves a lasting effect on those who have personally been through it; a fact that is so often overlooked. In producing this eBook, I’ve spoken to people across the country who have experienced flooding and without exception, everyone has said that the recovery is far worse than the flood itself.

“Having been flooded myself and benefited from my own resilient measures and having project managed the adaptation of two properties in Cumbria as part of a flood resilience showcase, I was keen to share best practice resilience examples to help inform and inspire those facing the prospect of flooding.

"Whilst we cannot escape flooding, we can make living with the prospect easier. By sharing our ideas and real-life examples of just what is possible, the eBook provides a great motivation to others living with the same concerns or risk.”


Flood Action Groups

The eBook includes case studies of businesses and families in York, Hebden Bridge, Hull, Warwickshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Corbridge, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Suffolk. There are also eight examples of community volunteer groups, who have established Flood Action Groups to implement interventions that help reduce the risk of communities from specific flood hazards.

Carol Holt, Deputy Director for Incident Management & Resilience at the Environment Agency, said: “We all need to work together to make our homes, businesses and infrastructure more resilient to flooding, coastal erosion and the impacts of climate change.”

Dermot Kehoe, Director of Communications & Transition at Flood Re added: “In the future we are all going to have to become more resilient to protect ourselves from flooding”



Graham Brogden Chair of the Property Flood Resilience Action Group wrote this in the eBook's foreword, “I am passionate about driving resilience and more importantly the initiative to make properties more recoverable by making some sensible adaptations that will help greatly reduce the recovery period. However, changing the behaviour and asking individual property owners to consider these adaptations is not easy without clear evidence of the benefits. Our work has made us realise that it is difficult to gather that evidence. I therefore applaud the work that Mary has done in pulling the eBook together and the time she has spent travelling across the country to spend time with families and business owners, that have taken that step and to understand the impact it is having.”

Please note that the Resilient Adaption Of Business section starts on page 40.

The free eBook is available to download - Click Here

For more information, visit Mary Dhonau’s website -

Article written by Cathryn Ellis | Published 01 August 2019


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