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High-Performance Toilet Manufacturer Launches £3.2M Funding Campaign

High-Performance Toilet Manufacturer Launches £3.2M Funding Campaign
16 June 2020 | Updated 02 July 2020

The UK manufacturers and patent holders of the world’s lowest-water-flush toilet Propelair are launching a £3.2M funding round, including via investment platform Seedrs.

Phoenix Product Development Limited, which trades as Propelair, markets their high-performance toilet as a water-saving and hygienic option for managers procuring washroom facilities. Particularly in light of employers expecting increased handwashing at work, and consequently higher water usage.

The investment will be raised from both new and current investors, to boost sales, expand into new markets and add further services and innovations.


"Having made good progress, we are now inviting people to join our mission – to save water, save our customers money, improve hygiene in shared areas and help save the planet, one flush at a time.”

–David Hollander

CEO, Propelair

Water Scarcity


The UN forecasts a 40% shortfall in global supply by 2030 while in the UK, water companies believe demand will exceed supply by 2025 in some regions. Yet traditional toilets send an average of nine litres of drinking water down the drain per flush.

Propelair’s patent-protected technology is engineered specifically for commercial, public and high-footfall locations with high bathroom demand. Toilets in hospitals, universities and shopping centres can be used hundreds of times a day, accounting for nearly half the total cost of out-of-home water use in the UK.

Propelair says that their toilets are saving customers nearly 1billion litres of water a year – enough to fill 25 oil tankers. They also note that the closed lid of the design of the toilets improves hygiene by reducing airborne germs.


New Management Team


With more than 3,600 Propelair units installed in the UK and South Africa, the company’s new management team is talking to organisations about over 40,000 toilets in the UK and South Africa and will be targeting water-stressed Australia and countries in the Middle East. Following earlier investments by Investec and Earth Capital Partners, Propelair is developing innovations such as IOT connectivity to enable customers to measure water performance and utilise a zero-capital service offering.

David Hollander

Picture: Headshop of David Hollander, CEO, Propelair and former Dyson Managing Director

David Hollander, CEO, Propelair and former Dyson Managing Director, said: “This is a very exciting time for the company – Propelair is a big advance in water-saving and given we all need the loo, has huge implications for everyone. Having made good progress, we are now inviting people to join our mission – to save water, save our customers money, improve hygiene in shared areas and help save the planet, one flush at a time.”

Picture: A photograph of the Propelair toilet

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 16 June 2020


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