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Monday, 10 August

LOTI Maps Services Tech

The London boroughs
13 December 2019

The London Office of Technology (LOTI) and Innovation and Bloomberg Associates have launched City Tools a tool that maps London boroughs’ technologies - particularly with regards to services management.

By making this information transparent and easily accessible, boroughs will be able to identify opportunities to collaborate, re-shape the government technology market and improve service delivery for Londoners, it is claimed.

City Tools showcases the various technologies used across London boroughs to deliver services. The report outlines key findings and trends, describes several case studies, and provides recommendations for local, municipal and national government.

The mapping includes 809 IT systems and their respective contracts and identifies skill levels for peer training opportunities at each borough.


Bargaining power

This research is a starting point to enable possible collaborations between local authorities, identify opportunities for new entrants and innovators into the government technology market and drive cost savings by co-ordinating contracts and leveraging borough’s collective bargaining power.

Eddie Copeland, Director of LOTI said: “Thanks to City Tools, London boroughs will have much richer information about how their technology compares to their peers’, making it easier to share their knowledge and expertise with each other and look for areas where they can work together.

“Stemming from Bloomberg Associates Digital City Tools report, we've now gone a step further to reveal in granular detail the technologies, vendors and contracts that enable London’s services,” said Katherine Oliver, Principal of Bloomberg Associates Media & Digital Strategies. “By connecting the dots between boroughs, City Tools paves the way for collaboration across boroughs and creates a model for other government entities that seek to work together.”

London’s Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell, said: “This is an important step in our work to help the capital’s councils work together more effectively. This new resource will play an important role working at a new scale to design common services which best meet the needs of Londoners of all backgrounds.”

Picture: The London boroughs will get a joined-up approach to seeing who has got what technology in place to manage services.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 13 December 2019


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