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NHS England Uses Urinal Mats to Deliver Cancer Warnings

NHS England Uses Urinal Mats to Deliver Cancer Warnings
07 December 2023

Urinal mats in public places in England will begin to carry blood in pee cancer warnings, as part of a major new NHS earlier diagnosis drive. 

The mats, manufactured by  P-Wave, display the message: “Blood in your pee? Contact your GP practice”, to encourage early cancer diagnoses. Passing blood in pee – even just once – is a common symptom for bladder, kidney or prostate cancers, which are all among the ten most prevalent cancers in the country.

Other common symptoms for bladder, kidney or prostate cancer include peeing very often, sudden urges to pee or a burning sensation when you pee, difficulty peeing, a lump or swelling in your back, under your ribs, or in your neck, or pain in the side between the ribs and the hip. 

The NHS push comes alongside a new survey found that nearly half of men (46 per cent) thought blood in pee was not a symptom of cancer. And two-fifths (39 per cent) of men surveyed said they would wait until they’ve noticed blood in their pee multiple times before seeing a GP. 

The new findings also show that just over half of men in England use a public urinal at least once a week and the majority of men (71 per cent) said they would be more likely to contact their GP practice if they saw messaging on a urinal mat and were experiencing blood in their pee. 


Supported by Cancer Survivors


The NHS initiative is being supported by cancer survivors like Adil, 28 years old from London, who was diagnosed with cancer after noticing blood in their pee. 

Adil said: “I first noticed blood in my pee in 2021. As a fit and healthy 28 year old, the last thing I thought it could be was cancer. But after losing a vast amount of weight very quickly, I decided to reach out to my local GP practice, which led to my diagnosis of kidney cancer. Thankfully, it was treatable with help from the amazing team at the Royal Free Hospital! My story shows that cancer can affect people of any age and the NHS and P-Wave partnership is a great way to remind people to contact their GP practice if they notice a change in their body which doesn’t feel right.” 

Professor Peter Johnson, NHS England National Clinical Director for Cancer, said: “Having blood in your pee – even just once – shouldn’t be ignored because it can be a sign of cancer, so it needs to be checked out by your GP team. 

“Cancer survival is at an all-time high, and we’re seeing more cancers than ever before being picked up at an early stage – and this partnership with P-Wave is just one of the many ways we are helping people to be aware of possible cancer symptoms.” 

“While this initiative is about helping men to spot the signs of cancer, everyone needs to be more aware – please look for any changes that may be unusual for you – and get checked out early, it could save your life.” 

P-Wave Managing Director Dave Carson said: “We are proud to be working with NHS England on this first-of-its-kind partnership, which offers a creative yet simple way to convey a potentially life-saving cancer awareness message.

“We are delighted that through our P-Wave urinal mats, we can encourage people to check for blood in their pee and to contact their GP practice if they spot it and are excited to share these with our customers and play a part in helping spread this important message.” 

For more information about cancer symptoms, visit

Picture: a photograph showing some urinals with the P-Wave urinal mats installed inside. Image Credit: P-Wave

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 07 December 2023


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