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Cistermiser Wins Second BMA Award for Water-Saving Urinal Flush

Cistermiser Wins Second BMA Award for Water-Saving Urinal Flush
23 October 2023

Water-saving solutions manufacturer Cistermiser has won its second Bathroom Manufacturers Association Sustainability Award for water efficiency.

Cistermiser’s Direct Flush Discreet control valve for mains-fed urinals won the Water Efficient Innovation Award category at the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) Sustainability Awards, held on October 10 2023. It is the second consecutive year that Cistermiser has won a BMA water efficiency award.

While urinals generally use less water than toilets, their water consumption still accounts for 20 per cent of water use in an average office-based business. Conventional, uncontrolled urinals are flushed intermittently regardless of use, with flushing cycles set to match estimated usage patterns. These solutions are still extremely common in commercial and public sector washrooms, and are likely to be wasting hundreds of litres of water a day, says Cistermiser

Cistermiser’s DFD is a water-efficient, sensor-controlled flushing valve designed for urinals that flush directly from the mains cold water supply, rather than a cistern. DFD automatically flushes an individual urinal only after it has been used, ensuring that flushing is kept to a minimum. DFD can reduce water wastage by up to 84 per cent and each valve can save approximately 142,080 litres of water a year (the equivalent of 89,000 cups of tea) by activating a flush only when necessary.

Richard Braid, Cistermiser’s Managing Director, said: “We are ecstatic and humbled to have been awarded a water efficiency award for a second consecutive year by the BMA. To be able to clearly demonstrate the true, immediate benefits of our water-saving solutions is key to supporting our clients’ ESG goals.

“The BMA Sustainability Awards are highly respected, and this award provides unwavering recognition to Cistermiser for remaining committed to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative washroom solutions that will support and encourage owners and managers of commercial and public sector buildings to reduce their water consumption. With each installation of the Cistermiser DFD, we are helping organisations to successfully reduce their water, energy, and carbon emissions each and every day.”

You can watch ThisWeekinFM’s interview with Richard Braid, Cistermiser’s Managing Director here.

Picture: a photograph of the team accepting the award from comedian Mark Watson. Image Credit: Cistermiser

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 23 October 2023


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