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Renta Robot - Vacumbots For Hire Let Cleaners Focus On Other Things

Where are the cleaners - vacuuming robots allow them to focus on other duties
24 January 2019 | Updated 25 January 2019

Ezitracker, a provider of workforce management software, has collaborated on a project to increase productivity in the cleaning environment by introducing Robotic Vacuum Cleaners into the contract cleaning environment.

Ezitracker are working with The Perfect Little Company (TPLC), who have been responsible for developing the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners systems for the commercial market, which are already being used to support schools, offices, warehouses and cleaning contractors across the UK.



The robots are usually rented in groups of 10 complete with a trolley (A hive), designed to increase efficient use of the robots. Depending on the size of the site, a single operator will typically use between 1 and 4 hives (10-40 robots) to vacuum 4,000- 6,000sq.ft per hour. A single robot will typically be able to fully vacuum 600-800sq.ft per hour. This means that a single operator with the additional support of robots can increase the size of area vacuumed from a spot cleaned 4,000sq.ft area to a fully vacuumed 6,000sq.ft area. The Hive Cleaning Trolley is used for charging, storing, cleaning and transporting.


Redeployment of labour

During the time that robots spend vacuuming, the cleaners can focus on other cleaning duties such as removing waste, wiping and dusting. On average it takes 15 minutes per trolley (Hive) to distribute, collect then empty the robots, creating 45 minutes of 'free time' per hour for cleaners to carry out other duties.  Through this partnership, it is possible to provide clients with much more detailed analysis on the reliability and productivity of employees - this is where Ezitracker comes in.  Ezitracker's management software will identify those employees that are important to retain and where to deploy them whilst the robots clean.

Christian Berenger, Ezitracker MD said: “A combination of robotic and internet technology is transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of facilities management and contract cleaning. The potential impact on productivity and results in the sector is enormous."


Attendance monitoring

Berenger continued: "Contractors already using our remote workforce technology are already able to highlight the staff that regularly turn up for work on time and are there until the end of their shift.  We found that integrating robotic vacuum cleaners reduced the stress and strain on these cleaning staff. By increasing the amount of available time that they have to complete other cleaning duties, and training the staff to use the technology, it increased the value of each member of the cleaning teams.”

Picture: Where are the cleaners? - vacuuming robots allow them to focus on other duties.



Ezitracker provides time & attendance monitoring, mobile audits, payroll automation and management reporting to the cleaning, FM, security sectors and also to temporary workforce agencies.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 24 January 2019


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