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Smart Workplace - Smart Parking?

Smart Parking
11 May 2018

Should smart parking be a vital component of any smart workspace with carpark facilities? A Clearview Intelligence blogger thinks so.

If smart buildings use network-enabled building management systems to operate more autonomously with sensors from across the building managing everything from heating to security, why stop there? If the comfort of occupants is paramount, making sure they can find a convenient parking space and get in to it without any hassle would make sense.

If employees are queuing to get in or out of your car park or spending 20 minutes circling a full multi-story at the beginning of the day, they start their less productive. If this is a regular issue and they need to start their commute earlier and arrive home later than they would otherwise need to, this could cost your business talent.

It could even damaging your reputation if the traffic extends to the surrounding area.

And of course, who wants that headache of employees complaining about parking.



The granularity of data gathered by smart parking solutions can be targeted to the requirements of each car park. Bay sensors allow you to identify exactly which parking spaces are free. This space availability can then be provided to users via variable message signs (VMS) or an app as drivers enter the car park so they are guided directly to the nearest available space. Technology can also facilitate the reservation of a parking space before an employee leaves for work. In this way flexible workers can be sure of a parking space before travelling into the office.


Car counting

Counting cars as they enter and exit each car park or floor of a multi-story car park will provide more general information that saves drivers entering or circling already full areas of your site. This saves time and reduces frustration. The data gathered by these systems also allows you to model usage over time and identify peak times. This intelligence can then be used to encourage remote working at these times or incentivise alternative forms of transport such as car sharing.

To read a case study of how National Grid made parking easier at their headquarters - Click Here


Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 11 May 2018


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