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Sodexo Launches Workplace Optimisation Tool 

Sodexo launches Workplace Optimisation Tool 
17 August 2020

Sodexo’s workplace experience design consultancy Wx has launched Space eXperience, a connected office building management solution that supports organisations’ return to the office.

Sodexo claims that the new offer is the only solution on the market offering wireless room counting sensors to provide insight into capacity and usage.

Space eXperience provides an end-to-end, plug-and-play solution that measures a company’s office use, helps optimise FM services and gives workplace leaders the data and analytics they need to define future workplace requirements.


“Employees naturally have questions about whether it is safe to go back to the office and need clear guidance and reassurance, while FM leaders are managing the demands of physical distancing as well as the impacts and costs of extra FM services.”

–So Young Hyun

Workplace Experience Lead, Wx, Sodexo


Managing Social Distancing, Room Occupancy and Workplace Demand


Space eXperience also includes a suite of wired and/or wireless battery-powered sensors which measure desk, room, area and building occupancy. There’s also an app which allows employees to plan and confirm their attendance and provides real-time information on room occupancy.

For FMs, Space eXperience provides data to manage physical distancing alerts, occupancy-driven cleaning tools to optimise FM, as well as analytics dashboards to support workplace demand planning.

So Young Hyun, Workplace Experience Lead at Wx, Sodexo, said: “COVID-19 is creating new safety obligations and new challenges in workplace management. Employees naturally have questions about whether it is safe to go back to the office and need clear guidance and reassurance, while FM leaders are managing the demands of physical distancing as well as the impacts and costs of extra FM services.

“As organisations prepare for coming months and into next year they will need to redesign workplace layout in a way that optimises their square footage, providing an appropriate mix of space to their occupants and an attractive and comfortable environment. Space eXperience gives organisations the data they need to manage these short-term demands as well as effectively plan for the future.”

Picture: A photograph of an office interior, showing multiple floors of office space

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 17 August 2020


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