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Sunday, 16 June

Survey Stresses State Of Stress In Society

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear, nervousness or unease

A new Acas report has shown that two thirds of UK workers have felt stressed or anxious about work over the past year.

Acas commissioned YouGov to ask employees in Great Britain about their experiences of stress and anxiety in the workplace. The most common reasons given for the way they felt included workloads (60%), the way that they were managed (42%) and balancing home and work lives (35%).

Acas Chief Executive, Susan Clews, said: "According to our poll, the majority of workers have felt stressed or anxious about work over the past year. This is a cause for concern and it's clear that active steps need to be taken to support the wellbeing of all staff."



Clews continued: "Our study found that seven out of ten employees believe it is a line manager's role to recognise and address stress or anxiety at work but only two fifths said that they would talk to their manager about it.

"It is clear that many people feel unable to have these conversations with their managers or choose to struggle alone. Acas has advice on how to create a positive mental health environment at work."


Wellbeing strategy

Acas has produced a framework for positive mental health at work, which outlines the roles that employers, managers and their staff can play to help make it happen.

The advice includes suggestions such as employers leading on a wellbeing strategy at work; supporting and training managers to have the confidence and knowledge in managing mental health; and workers identifying personal stress triggers, supporting colleagues and asking for help when needed.

The framework and full policy paper Stress and anxiety at work: personal or cultural? is available free - Click Here



Other papers

The page accessed via the above link also contains links to other Acas guideance including:

The Management of Mental Health at Work

Mental illness is the largest single cause of disability in the UK and the range of mental health conditions can make its management difficult and challenging. This report explores a range of learning points that can be drawn from this case study research to promote positive mental health at work.

Case study - Addressing mental health in the workplace by creating a culture of openness

This case study describes the way that an organisation in the transport sector improved its capacity to deal with mental health problems within the workforce, with the aim of enhancing both organisational efficiency and its reputation as a compassionate employer.

Case study - Promoting positive mental health at work by creating a sense of shared responsibility

This case study focuses on how Suffolk County Council is responding to the challenge of managing mental health at work.

Case study - The Management of Mental Health at Work at Brentwood Community Print

A look at how a Community Interest Company in the printing sector has used its expertise to support people with mental health needs to have a positive experience of working life, building confidence and skills and a mutually supportive workplace culture.

Case study - The Management of Mental Health at Work in Mind Harrow

This study centres on Mind in Harrow, a voluntary organisation providing support services to people with mental health conditions. It explores how Mind in Harrow manages the mental health of its own staff.



According to Acas, anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear, nervousness or unease about something. It may be caused by issues in the workplace, such as workload, performance or conflict with colleagues. Outside the workplace, factors such as relationship, family or debt problems can create anxiety.

For Acas advice on managing anxiety at work - Click Here



Stress is defined as the 'adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them'. Stress can affect the health of staff, reduce their productivity and lead to performance issues.

For Acas advice on managing stress at work - Click Here


Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

Acas stands for Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. Acas provides free and impartial information and advice to employers and employees on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law.

Picture: According to Acas, anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear, nervousness or unease.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer


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