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The Black Tie Charity Boxing Dinner – What to Expect

Boxing Fail
19 August 2021 | Updated 10 September 2021

We look ahead to our Black Tie Charity Boxing Dinner with the brilliant partners and sponsors associated.

The sporting evening is set to be both a highlight of the FM sector’s return to networking and a well-deserved leisure, in succession to our indulgent Summer River Boat Party. Our last hosting of the professional fight and three-course dinner with a champagne reception saw almost 300 attendees and thousands raised for charity.

This year is set to be a fresh spectacle in a new luxury venue, and is selling out fast. 8 Northumberland Avenue is located so near to Trafalgar Square that it's essentially the central London venue. The mixture of classic Victorian architecture and cutting-edge technology creates the perfect ambience for this glamorous evening. In strictly black tie or posh frocks, you will be served champagne before a luxury three course meal, with enough time for that to settle in advance of the main event!


Facilities Industry Charity Boxing Night Black Tie Dinner Brochure


Queensberry Promotions


Our event is hosted in association with the renowned Queensberry Promotions, which represents world-class fighters such as Tyson Fury (WBC, Ring & Lineal Heavyweight World Champion), Daniel Dubois (British, Commonwealth, WBC Silver Heavyweight Champion) and Denzel Bentley (former British Middleweight Champion).

Frank Warren, head of Queensberry Promotions is a respected figure in the industry as a manager and promoter, and was also the founder of British boxing television channel BoxNation. An avid supporter of several charitable causes as well as representing some of the best matches and boxers in the UK, there is no better collaboration for our Black Tie Charity Boxing Dinner in support of DEBRA UK and Boxing Futures. He has hosted a DEBRA Fight Night on numerous occasions to fund the charity’s finances. 100 per cent of the earnings from those events went towards funding the specialist EB nurses. The renowned promoter also worked with Nordoff Robbins, a music therapy charity, to host a boxing event for their funding.

His fighters are also generous in using their status for the good of others. On the week of the biggest conflict of his career, former British Middleweight Champion and Commonwealth contender Denzel Bentley has pledged to donate 10 per cent of his fight purse to the recovery efforts in St Vincent. The island has recently been devastated by volcanic eruptions and the 26-year-old wants to help, suggesting that “it’s the least he can do”.    


Titles on the Line


The fight of that week was his eagerly anticipated Middleweight showdown with Commonwealth Champion Felix Cash that took place on April 24, 2021, hosted by Queensberry Promotions in collaboration with BT Sport. This last weekend saw three rounds charged with the energy of both their titles at stake. The first round was tense and watchers would have been on the edge of their seats as blows were traded and the stars became adjusted to each other's fighting styles.

Bentley's long reach and agility were to his advantage, but ultimately Cash's strong guard with consistent, efficient barrages took their toll and momentarily stunned him. The second round really flexed their strengths, with Bentley's footwork and well timed jabs scoring him some damage, but Cash's focused onslaughts still driving him into the ropes.

At this point, the fight really could have gone any way. However, it was in the next round that the engrossing battle came to its climax. After five consecutive and unanswered right hand strikes from Cash, the referree broke the attack to relieve Bentley, thus awarding Felix Cash the win and his second champion belt!

Frank Warren with Queensberry Promotions will undoubtedly impress attendees of the Black Tie Charity Boxing Dinner with a raw and high calibre succession of three professional boxing bouts – this is not a white-collar or amateur affair.

What will go down in boxing history on the night you're involved in? Which of Queensberry's proud contenders will compete? Who will have the honour of supporting Boxing Futures and DEBRA UK with their sporting victory?


Picture: Felix Cash (left) and Denzel Bentley (right).

Our Sponsors


Headline - EnviroKlenz



Now more than ever we are coming to understand the importance of air quality. Our partner EnviroKlenz, proudly also our primary sponsor for the Boxing Dinner, has always championed the goal and vision of dedication to helping people live healthier and more productive lives, by providing clean air through a suite of products and solutions. 

Their motto is “Clean Has No Odor” – but when it comes to air quality it's about more than just being scent-free. They're committed to air purification on two fronts – odors and toxins, and particulate matter, without allowing harmful compounds to linger in the air. 

The EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus safely and effectively combines advanced chemistry technology, germicidal UVC, and HEPA filtration to capture and destroy airborne toxic and noxious gasses, particulates, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other allergy triggers. Full test reports are available on their website that give evidence for a 99.9% virus removal rate, as well as for harmful bacteria like E. coli.




Champagne – Ezitracker

Ezitracker’s aim is to be a solution partner supporting your business in the day to day people management process. By providing a comprehensive yet modularised solution, designed for the pro-active monitoring of your people wherever they are, they allow you to focus on service delivery and operational excellence. We are grateful to them for sponsoring our Champagne Reception.


Wine & Menu – Platinum Facilities

We’re much obliged to have our food and wine for the night supported by Platinum Facilities – a technology and energy led hard services provider. Their strategic approach to looking after your mechanical and electrical assets allows you to mitigate risks and deliver significant financial and performance improvements to your organisation. They help improve environmental and business sustainability, reduce energy consumption and improve the wellbeing of your building’s occupiers.


Programme – PPSPower

With a history spanning 60 years, PPSPower is one of the industry’s largest and most respected providers of generator servicing, fire pump and UPS maintenance and repair solutions. Stephen Peal is the Managing Director of PPSPower and has recently become a qualified Mental Health First Aider through MHFA England, with plans to roll out training to employees. It is therefore fantastic that they have chosen to sponsor our programme for an event that supports mental health in young people through the work of Boxing Futures.


Round Announcer – JSA

JSA Service are a dedicated, professional and friendly company that desire to be the best in our industry. Nothing less will do than providing a top class service to our customers. They have been trading for over 40 years – in that time they have worked on all types and makes of chiller and AC equipment in various applications and sectors. Thanks to them for becoming our latest addition to our sponsorship roster, as our round announcer.


Security Sponsor – Expeditious Services

Expeditious Services is a security and business protection company. From Inverness to Isle of Wight, they work with global facilities management companies and public sector, on a national level, with our regional teams and local delivery. Expeditious support clients in reducing their risk, increasing their income, and protecting their future.


AV & Video Sponsor – ACR Facilities & Interiors 

ACR Facilities & Interiors provide FM and interior services to commercial buildings and high-end residentials across London, City and Essex. Their services include space-planning, refurbishments and fit-outs, HVAC maintenance and M&E repairs.



Remaining Sponsorships

There is no better way to raise your brand profile and get your brand seen by decision-makers and influencers than by becoming a sponsor. To seize the limited opportunity for one of these leading sponsorship deals or to sponsor a table your team to join us, please see our brochure for more information, or contact Laurence Allen and Di Searle to book directly.

For event guests, a preferential room rate at Trafalgar Square Club Quarters is available. Please get in touch with Dave Mapps for these enquiries. We look forward to seeing you there.


Facilities Industry Charity Boxing Night Black Tie Dinner Brochure


Our Charity Partners


Boxing Futures

Sponsorship of this event will result in a large portion of the proceeds going to our chosen charities, which first includes Boxing Futures. Established in 2013 and becoming a registered charity in 2015, the idea for Boxing Futures was brought to life by Anthony York and Andy Burley. 

Speaking to Anthony about his reasons for starting up Boxing Futures, it’s clear to see the healing passion that he spreads through the community. Not a competitive boxing club, they use non-contact boxing training as therapy – prioritising mental wellbeing and physical health. 

Boxing Futures suspended their services at the start of lockdown but recognised the continuing opportunity to help their demographic. Anthony took front-line staff off furlough in July to run an outreach campaign, keeping social distancing while delivering training sessions and checking up on trainees, yet of course struggling with the effects of the pandemic themselves. They gave computer tablets, boxing gloves, skipping ropes and pads to those in need, so they could connect to support online and train themselves. “We also offered our minibus out to the local authority to offer small groups work delivering food and assisting the community” said Anthony. 

Pre-covid, direct fundraising for their boxing programs to help the community was possible – funding for everything that goes on behind the scenes, like marketing and general IT, is always more difficult. The money raised for Boxing Futures at the TWinFM boxing event will help with the core processes that keep the charity running. We spoke to Anthony in depth about the sort of psychological and physical benefits he and his team have been able to bring to many and the way that helps their families and friends as well.



Our second chosen charity, that will receive an equal split of sponsorship proceeds, is DEBRA UK.

DEBRA is the national charity that funds research and specialist healthcare to support individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a painful genetic skin blistering condition which, in the worst cases, can be fatal. This year we've all experienced a lack of physical contact, but for many with EB, they are too fragile for a hug at the best of times.

The links between boxing and EB are not entirely obvious, given the difficulty for someone with EB to actually engage with the sport – however it is that struggle against adversity which Mason, age 12, sees in boxers of the ring. Not giving up in the fight when their bodies are hit with different blows, those that they both do and do not see coming. Getting back up to overcome the challenges for what they love. Mason and his mum Kerry asked athletes to do the splits in an interview with Dev Sahni from Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions. We interviewed the new CEO of DEBRA, who spoke about Mason's courage and how funding events like ours help support and drive research.

Picture: an unsuccessful fighter on the floor of a boxing ring.

Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 19 August 2021


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