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ThisWeekinFM Spotlight Interview - Ezitracker

27 August 2019 | Updated 28 August 2019

Ezitracker offers a fast to deploy multi-device platform for managing workforces in any given industry.

The company has the backing of the global HAS Technology Group and like the parent company, operates all over the world and for some of the biggest employers on the planet.

Christian Berenger is MD UK, Australia and New Zealand. ThisWeekinFM sat down with Berenger to discuss how Ezitracker's cloud based time and attendance monitoring, payroll automation, audits and management reporting systems  are eliminating the time consuming exercise of processing payroll from paper timesheets; pinpointing discrepancies between scheduled hours and actual hours worked; and ensuring staff are paid correctly on time every time.

Berenger also highlighted other benefits such as being able to on-board new staff quickly and efficiently and communicate with them from the get-go; and to monitor and communicate with all remote workers - thus complying with H&S regulations.

Berenger is adamant that Ezitracker makes the process of managing a large number of field based workers efficient and compliant and also has the benefit of engaging with that workforce and thus building teams whilst identifying the most productive staff to ensure they are not just retained by the business but also get the promotions their efforts deserve.

The concise yet highly informative video interview below sees Berenger taken to task on his opinions - make sure you watch to see how he fares.


Using Workforce Technology To Make Better Business Decisions

In a previous article, Christian Berenger looked at how workforce management automation is possible at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Berenger wrote: Most cleaning contractors are involved with all stages of the employee lifecycle - recruitment, on-boarding, development, retention and exit. Multiply this by the number of employees you process and the complexity of the day to day people management process will come into sharp relief.

By integrating automation and embracing cloud based information intelligence, efficiency and productivity measuring and monitoring can get a whole lot easier. It’s entirely possible to move away from stacks of paper and an overflowing inbox.


Data-driven tasks

While key elements of the employee lifecycle, such as interviewing and performance reviews will always need human interaction, it makes sense to automate the more data-driven tasks such as staff tracking and performance measurement. A good workforce management system goes beyond just time and attendance monitoring. It will take care of the data and analytics, allowing managers to measure employee experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle and establish benchmarks to measure future performance.

By collecting this data automatically and in real-time, managers can identify non-performers and those with low engagement issues at each step of the employee journey.


Winning tool

By automating many of your current tasks and workloads, you will have more time to develop your business and win more work. You can automate the new employee on-boarding process, the employee review process and pretty much any other repetitive operation that takes up time and keeps you from utilising your workforce and innovating.



At the beginning of their journey, your new employee is welcomed to the business and key departments are alerted of a new recruit. A field based on-boarding tool empowers the employer to capture all the additional data that normally occurs after the start date within minutes. Using a paper system would see this information collected over days and often with elements still missing.

Capturing and notifying departments of a new starter is imperative in a fast-paced market. Processes include obtaining proof of the right to work, proof of identity, proof of address and photographic ID. Then notifications to departments for DBS and references checks need to be initiated - and all this before a contracts of employment is issued.


Effective scheduling

A simple to use contract/site-centric rostering tool will allow you to quickly build rosters by assessing geographical availability, personal availability and skill sets, whilst reducing absence and fostering a considerate work-life balance. This rostering element means you can quickly and easily identify variances in actual versus budgeted hours in real-time, allowing you to take active measures in order to maintain contract profitability.


Proactive attendance

Using SMS/Email alerts reminds your staff of upcoming shifts or hourly check calls whilst also receiving alerts for lateness, no show, early departure or lone worker health and safety.


Data capture and connectivity

Irrespective of environment, a cost-effective method of attendance data capture is possible via a number of different devices. These include conventional landlines, SIM Phones, an App, SMS text, self-service tablets or even biometric registration.


Streamline back office administration

It is possible to simplify administration with automatic schedule approvals, these help managers and payroll to manage by exception with hierarchical views and approval workflows.


Full accountability provides transparency

An analytics platform can provide advanced automated reporting, bespoke reporting and dashboards and capture data in real-time on-site performance, quality and compliance. This means you can establish KPI metrics, which in turn, enable you to make informed decisions.

Contract or site-based audits can be made available when logging in, so you can quickly build audit questionnaires with RAG (Red, Amber Green) delivery confidence assessment statuses, scoring metrics, Yes/No answers, free text responses, photographs and signature authorisations.


Accurate Auditing

Workforce management isn't just ensuring and validating attendance, it’s about ensuring a quality service delivery. Onsite and activity-based auditing ensures that all contract KPIs are being met and penalties are minimised.


Payroll Accuracy

Avoid payroll queries and discrepancies, by effective daily management of actual attendance versus planned. This empowers your workforce and reduces conflict. If you can automatically highlight the staff that regularly turn up for work on time and those that are there until the end of their shift, it completely eliminates the need for timesheets, streamlines budgeting, improves contract reporting and in-turn increases employee engagement and wellbeing.


Contract cleaning example

In the UK cleaning sector, the need to ensure contract compliance, validate service delivery and automate key processes has never been higher.

Soft FM service providers can manage the employee lifecycle of hundreds of cleaning operatives in a sector that has a notoriously high staff turnover rate. By eliminating uncertainty and having real-time information available, it’s possible to free up time for managers to make the best possible decisions, streamline processes, achieve optimum levels of productivity and boost long-term profitability.



Embracing digital in a business can be a powerful differentiator for SME FMs. There are a growing number of paperless businesses with models based on immediacy, lower cost and detailed, real-time analytics. They are leaving their old-school analogue and paper based competitors behind.

It’s easy to see why business models based on a digital platform appeal to users – there is much less admin and it’s far more responsive. Even the smallest cleaning company, that may feel that in-depth analytics are not needed, can benefit from reduced paperwork, greater payroll accuracy and the ability to run cleaning contracts digitally.

Robust analytics available at each step will help you to make better business decisions. By recording key data, performing analytics and even providing predictive insights, it’s clear that automation at each stage is extremely powerful.


Employee journey

By facilitating the employee journey through automation, from on-boarding, to flexible rostering and real-time attendance verification, all the way through to accurate payroll, we can collectively raise standards and transform softer FM services from reactive to proactive and predictive.


To download A Cleaning Contractor’s Guide to Workforce Management Technology -  Click Here

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 27 August 2019


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