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Thursday, 16 July

1+1 Makes A Sharp Project Sharper

1+1 Makes A Sharp Project Sharper
14th February 2018

PPSPower has provided a slick N+1+1 UPS solution for the Sharp Project, an unusual office space recently acquired by Manchester City Council.

The space previously utilised an N+1+1+1 resilience over four 120kv UPS systems but thhe council required a cost-effective solution that offers N+1+1 on its A&B supplies.



For many years both the National Grid and the government have reported concerns over the resilience of the UK’s electrical system. The risks associated with power outages can be critical for businesses, with downtime leading to lost data, missed deadlines and huge financial implications. These concerns, combined with the growing demand to store data, make it understandable why more companies are investing in their backup systems and looking to increase reliability and resilience.

These factors were all true of the Sharp Project.



Local company (with an international portfolio), Leeds based PPSPower were called in to establish that an N+1+1 was achievable with only three of the firm's 120kVA UPS’s. However, the client requested a further two units, enabling the team to provide three UPS systems covering the A supply and three covering the B supply.

The works required PPSPower’s engineers to decommission and disconnect one of the council’s units and relocate it to another room in the building alongside two new 120kVA units. Each UPS system has its own string of batteries.


Testing times

The units were installed and load bank tested at 100%, with each unit switched off one by one, to ensure that the N+1+1 configuration works as it should, before putting the client’s equipment online.


Mains route

There are notable benefits to having the building’s mains power supply coming through the UPS set up. For example, during a loss of supply, the UPS system can notify the relevant person that there has been a power loss and the equipment being supported will not be affected until the UPS’s batteries run flat.


Supplying stability

Furthermore, a UPS system converts the incoming AC to DC so that it can charge the batteries. It then converts it back to AC, to support the equipment it is connected to. This ensures a stable and consistent supply and eliminates potential equipment damage due to unexpected surges.

Stephen Peal, Director of PPSPower, told ThisWeekinFM:

“This UPS solution will provide Manchester City Council with absolute reliability, and retain N+1 in the event of a unit failure and during service visits.

"Our engineers worked extremely hard to ensure there was no effect on the building’s essential operation, and planned works carefully to meet the timescales of the project, minimising disruption. Feedback from the client has been excellent, they are delighted with the solution provided.”


Demand Side Response

Peal continued: "There are a number of initiatives ongoing to help balance supply and demand, including Demand Side Response, which we can help businesses participate in.

“At PPSPower we offer a wide range of UPS systems to protect our clients’ mission-critical systems. All of our solutions can be tailored to individual business’ needs."


Client view

Mike Farrington, Technical Operations Manager at Manchester City Council, said: “We have been very impressed with the PPSPower team’s professionalism and commitment to this project. They were careful to communicate all aspects of the work to us, which helped reduce the impact on our work. They have provided a solution that gives our team peace of mind in knowing that our power supply is protected.”

Picture: Looking Sharp - PPSPower has provided an N+1+1 UPS solution for a Manchester City Council project


About PPSPower

PPSPower is a successful and well established national provider of back-up power service and maintenance solutions. The company’s core services include: generator sales, installation maintenance and repair, load banking, UPS sales, installation, repair and maintenance, fire pump maintenance and repair, fuel polishing and Oftec Tank inspections. Sister company YorPower manufacture and distribute bespoke diesel generators worldwide.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer – published 14th February 2018


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