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59% of Business Electrical Fires Caused by Faulty Equipment

59% of Business Electrical Fires Caused by Faulty Equipment
15 February 2024

Data from UK fire and rescue authorities has identified the number of electrical fire-related callouts to businesses.

Using statistics from 32 fire and rescue authorities, the number of callouts from December 2020 to November 2023 show that 4,634 business fires were a result of faulty electrics. 

455 callouts were made to attend fires related to heating equipment. 306 callouts were a result of cooking, involving microwaves, kettles and coffee machines. This amounts to 7 per cent of fires in businesses.

Across 2020, 2021 and 2022 an average of 1,053 callouts were made to fires caused by electrics.

Karl Bantleman at Direct365, who conducted the research said: “Data from Fire and Rescue services throughout the UK has identified the scale of electrical-related fires and common underlying dangers that could be present within our homes and business premises.” 

"Ensuring that electrics are functioning safely both in the home and in the workplace isn't just for efficiency, it's a key factor in safeguarding a risk-free environment. Our Fire and Rescue teams do a great job in attending to callouts. However, the regular servicing and maintenance of electrics could reduce the callouts related to electrical fires, as more faults will be identified before it is too late.”


What Causes Fires in Different Kinds of Businesses?


According The London Fire Brigade, 28 per cent of fires in retail businesses are caused by electrical distribution, 17 per cent is smoking-related and 9 per cent is caused by lighting. 

In restaurants and cafes, kitchen appliances are responsible for 25 per cent of fires, with 23 per cent directly caused by cooking. Cooking is also responsible for 41 per cent of fires in care homes.

For offices, electrical distribution causes the majority of fires (32 per cent) with lighting (14 per cent) and smoking (11 per cent) following.

Picture: a photograph of a London Fire Brigade fire engine. Image Credit: Graham Mitchell Photography


Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 15 February 2024


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