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Antimicrobial Spray Passes ISO Test

15 February 2021

Screenworks’ Bumpaa ViralOff® Shield spray has passed independent testing using the ISO method on COVID-19.

The product is intended to redefine the way we control viruses and bacteria on everyday surfaces - as the technology is proven to effectively reduce viruses and bacteria on treated surfaces by over 99 per cent within a two-hour period.

From offices and gyms, to hospitals and hotel rooms, the spray can be used for the sanitisation of public environments. The versatility of the product means it can be used on many different everyday surfaces, including phones, desks, handles, right through to fabrics – clothes or furnishings. 

There are also plans to launch a 5L industrial treatment to support larger commercial environments. ViralOff® Shield also maintains the quality of the treated materials, preserving them from odours caused by bacteria. Repeated treatment is recommended to support the fight against the virus.


“An Invisible Enemy”


Duncan Gilmour, Managing Director at Screenworks, said: “This is a truly ground-breaking product, and with the independent ISO testing it should provide real assurance. ViralOff® Shield should become part of a regular cleaning regime becoming the last process applied to high contact surfaces.

“It has become vitally important to ensure that facilities and cleaning managers have done all they can to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. We have all heard about antiviral sprays, but we want our Bumpaa clients to know that if they come into contact with a ViralOff® treated surface it is extremely unlikely to harbour any bacteria or virus, as per recent independent testing*. 

Slowing the spread of the virus is key during these uncertain times and we believe that ViralOff® Shield can support the fight against this invisible enemy.”

*ViralOff Shield protects the treated article from viruses as per ISO 18184:2019, SARS-CoV-2 & ISO 21702:2019, SARS-Cov-2, Screenworks make no health claims and their products do not claim to protect against infection or disease

Picture: a photograph showing a green background, with a hand holding a small bottle of Screenworks’ Bumpaa ViralOff® Shield spray

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 15 February 2021


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